Edward Jones FORCES Training

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Mar 2, 2013 7:58 pm

Hello all! I have been all over these forums the past couple of weeks, performing my due diligence, answering many of the questions I’ve had as a newbie considering a career change. I haven’t found too much information about the Edward Jones FORCES training, outside of the official materials provided by EJ. I’m wondering if anyone out there has any additional info regarding the training, or has been through the program.

A little background on myself. I’m a 30yr old Air Force Vet, AAS Degree, Retail Management experience, Chairman of local City Advisory Commission, no real financial industry experience, no Series licenses. Living in AK, and I have to complicate things by hoping to move South at some time within the next 5 years.

The reasons I’m looking into EJ include the training and support for a complete rookie, or new/new. I’ve seen arguments for both sides of the EJ debate, and I’m extremely curious how many of those who posted negatively about their EJ experience, went on to succeed as a financial advisor anywhere else. Im not saying that any of the negative points have any merit, or are invalid, I just understand the attrition rate of this career, and i continue to believe that I can succeed as a financial advisor if i put in the work, regardless of who I’m working for (hopefully myself, eventually). Of course, if better options exist as an advisor, that fit my particular “situation”, I will keep an open mind. Thanks in advance for any input, suggestions, or advice…