Edward Jones - FA opportunity

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May 26, 2015 2:33 pm

Good afternoon everybody,

   My buddy's dad has been after me for about a year and a half to get into Edward Jones and now that I will finally have 3 years of professional work experience and a bachelors degree I am very interested. He has been a FA for about 15 years and has told me of course all great things about the company. He says he makes a ton of money, free vacations every year, own your own business, make your own schedule, etc. Everything sounds great and he will help me throughout the whole process but would like some other opinions. I am willing to struggle and risk things at my age (26) if my hard work pays off int he future.

Any advice from anybody? Would just love some feedback from those who are either going through the process or just starting out. I live in a rural area which I have read is better for an Edward Jones FA, have my accounting degree, and am a very laid back people person.

Would love thoughts on your experience, salary, and your growth in the company.

Thank you very much and have a great day everyone.

May 27, 2015 11:29 am

Very difficult to start new-new.
Try to get them to offer you a branch, with assets, in a good part of town. Your friend’s dad might be able to help you with that.
I think the Jones model works better in small towns and rural areas than in metro areas, as you say. You can get known easier and there isn’t a Merrill office with 42 brokers on Main Street.
They’ll teach you to door knock but most people just don’t like doing that. It can work but you need to do it along with networking and being visible in your community.
I started there and was there for three years before moving along and eventually becoming independent. It’s a good company with mostly good people. It will get you trained up and licensed on their dime, which is good.
But like I said, make sure you go in with your eyes open and find a good situation and find out who failed before you and why.

May 27, 2015 12:56 pm

Yeah I would be receiving assets from my buddy’s father plus another FA. Now how much assets I am not sure but thank you for your reply. I have been trying to do as much research as possible but their is not a ton of current information and reviews out there. Again, thank you for your reply.

May 28, 2015 2:06 pm

Good luck.
The other thing I would advise is to ‘start with the end in mind.’ That can be difficult since you are young and just getting to know the business, but you should try to picture what the business would look like in 5 years and then only do things that support that goal. You want to have a business that is repeatable and a client base that builds on itself.