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May 10, 2010 5:09 pm

Ok, so I have a number of friends who are in the business that work with EDJ, NWM, Raymond James, etc. but have never known personally an Indy guy.  I belong to a sales networking group that meets every couple of weeks and recently had a new member that is an Indy come into the group and join.  I wanted an opportunity to get to know this individual but also was interested in his experiences in the Indy track so I went over for a visit today.  Through my visit I learned that they are considering adding another advisor and ideally would like to bring someone on that they can train and who can come through the ranks, etc.  They are currently with LPL and at the height of everything were doing $100 mil. with 2 advisors.  I've been really impressed with this individual, the philosophy of the way they run their business, take care of clients, etc. 

After I left our meeting today I couldn't help but to think about throwing my name in the hat as someone who could be a part of their team.  This is a small office 2 FA's (partners) and 3 support staff.  I have some experience in business ownership, processes, procedures, etc. along with a strong sales background that they could use some help in and they have an opportunity for me to jump in to the world of being an FA.  What do you guys think about starting out on the Indy track?  Anyone ever had any experience doing that?  The model that I've liked the most up to this point has been EDJ business model but I think this may be a great match.  Just curious if anyone else who might have taken this track as well as general feedback. 


May 10, 2010 5:58 pm

Do you mean they've been producing $1 mil or that they've got $100 mil AUM?  The latter makes more sense.   But, if they've got $100 mil AUM, then they probably are producing close to $1 mil a year. 

May 10, 2010 9:37 pm

Space:  $100 mil AUM Space.