Considering Career Change to Financial Advisor

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Jun 9, 2014 3:58 pm

I'm currenlty working as a Civil Engineer for a Global Firm. I am earning about $85k salary. My career progression is very linear and i will probably see a 3-5% raise for the rest of my career. Senior VPs earn $250k but they have 25+ years of experience.

i am dissatisfied with the non-existent pay for performance and unmotivated to exceed expectations as there is little financial incentive to do so

i have a friend who is high on food chain at VALIC and have begun interviewing for a financial advisor position. In my area they have an advisor retiring with a large existing book that I would inherit. $18,000 salary for the 1st year + trail commissions on the book + new commissions. After that 100% comission.

Am I insane for considering this?