Considering a career change

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May 16, 2006 6:04 pm

I've read through quite a few of the posts on this forum, and am impressed with the quality of responses and advice posted.

I am considering an offer to work for AGE (haven't seen much discussion about them).  I am currently making about $42,000 a year with a wife making about $37,000 and a two year old son.  I live in a metrpolitan area along the Mexican border where the average income is approximately $20,000.  I am willing to work my butt off and learn as much as possible about the business.  I am 3 classes shy of earning an MBA, and have always thought I would enjoy being a FA.  One of the posts mentioned that 8 of 10 people don't make it in the business.  If I do take the offer, I would be leaving a job in the school district I've had for 10 years, but has become increasingly unbearable.  Two questions: 

1) What is a reasonable expectation of my income aftre the end of my training period when I am strictly paid on commission? 

2) I have many leads already (and by many I mean thousands) that I feel would benefit from Education funds (529s etc...), and I have an extensive background in the education field.  I see selling these plans as an excellent way to start a business relationship with potential clients.  Are the plans profitable? 

May 16, 2006 8:00 pm

The website has some info on how long their training salary lasts, but no income specifics. I would imagine each office has different income guidelines, so be sure to ask.

Since you've stated that you've read some previous posts, you know how difficult this business can be. Think long and hard before entering this business. Make sure you can live off just your wife's income for awhile. Why? Chances are you'll need to, after the training salary runs out.

Finally, spend a lot more time reading previous posts to get a better feel for what awaits you, if you accept AGE's offer.

Good luck!