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May 12, 2011 10:22 am

Hello RR members,

I am a recent college grad with about 4 months of automotive service/sales experience and several years of customer service experience. I recently interviewed with a branch manager at ML who I was referred to through family. After interviewing he send me an email telling me that I needed to confirm a time to go to the head regional office and meet with some of the trainee coaches as well as take the FIAT test which I have read a bit about.

My questions are as follows: is this the typical method that ML uses to recruit and if so is the hiring decision primarily in the hands of the BM or the trainee coaches who I will meet with later this week? Also if there is any information that you would care to share that would better help me prepare or know what to expect from I would greatly appreciate it.

I am extremely enthusiastic about being successful in this career and believe I have a good idea of what to expect and the kind of hard work I will need to put in. Though I base this off of only 4-5 weeks of research and meeting with two advisors which I know personally, rather than from experience.

Thank you for reading and any tips or information regarding my upcoming interview / testing would be much appreaciated, or any insight from current ML advisors!


May 12, 2011 10:28 am

Sorry for the double post,

One more question, I've read so much about the importance of cold-calling, my question is where do these lists of numbers come from? Would lists be provided to me or do I obtain them myself and from where?

May 12, 2011 3:34 pm

1.  not sure.  different offices of ml have different procedures.  Also depends on how you came about to them and how intent they are on hiring you.

2.The bm has full control.  everyone else is just to give their opinion on how they feel about you

3.  Have a plan in place on how your going to get clients.  The company isnt going to do anything for you.  You have to do everything yourself. You are your own business so act accordingly.  Have a biz plan explaing your process of acquiring clients, raising assets, and overall long term goal.

4.  All lists are going to come from you (different methods are outline throught this forum)  Nothing is provided for you beside some training, salary and a desk space.

Welcome (hopefully) to finance and be prepared to dissapear from the world for the next 2 years