Chase Private Client vs. Merrill BFA

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Jun 10, 2014 2:01 am

Hello everyone, been coming here for a while but this is my first post.  My question is around which firm to choose to start a new career as a FA.  I am currently a Edge advisor with bofa and have a couple of options.  My first option is to move into the BFA role with Merrill and start working with a team.  My other choice to joining chase as a financial advisor.  Here is how it stacks up (at least how I see it lol)


I am given a book of 20mm

The book is from an old advisor and needs some updating (potential sales)

Pay grid starts @ 22% then goes up to 35% after 45k a month in production

My office will be in a middle class area


At one of bofa/ML most profitable branches in the nation

Office is in an extremely affluent area

Full support from complex director

Worked in the same area for years and know the area/ people very well.

Pay grid starts at 35%  and maxes at 47% (these i am unsure on and could be wrong)

I know all about bofa/Merrill and how they run and i know all about the PMD/BFA program.  I know about the 98% fail rate for PMD and how much I am going to have to hustle to make it work.  On paper, it seems like i would be able to make more money faster at Chase than i would with Merrill.  My issue is not money but growth.  I want to know that ten years from now i will be able to grow a large book and develop a substantial business. I know that is possible with Merrill, with a lot of work and some luck. On the other hand I could always not make it through and be stuck at square one again.  I am not too familiar with the Chase private client group and how they operate.  Not sure what the potential for growth is or how current advisors like it there.  If there is anyone that could give me insight between the differences between the two, i would be greatly appreciated.  Like I said before, i am willing to sacrifice income now for larger growth in the future.  Thanks for the help in advance.