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Apr 7, 2006 5:26 am


"All I would love to do now is beat the living crap out of you.  You anywhere near the SE?"


Yep sure I'm right here in Boca tough guy....come on over!


Not really.  I CHOOSE not to share my location with you.

Wow it's so easy to get you wound up....and you just keep coming back for more!!!  Your persistence is admirable, but I told you that temper issue would be problematic for you if you wanted to run with the big dogs!

Truth sometimes hurts, eh?

I hope the doctors don't poke fun at you or you'll probably assault one of them right there in the operating room.  Docs are known to be a little tempermental now and then. 

Look I don't want you to bust a blood vessel, so I think I'll climb out of the sandbox for a while and spend time with others who can share their toys without having a tantrum.

Thanks for stopping by, and turn the lights out when you leave.