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May 21, 2008 10:58 pm

I know this is a forum for brokers, but do any of you guys have a CFA designation? If so, how does it compare to series 7, 66 material etc? From what I understand the CFA program is a 3 year home study course. I’ve heard its extremely difficult. Anybody know what a day in the life of an analyst is like? Thanks!

May 21, 2008 11:15 pm


i have a CFP and am currently in the CFA program. CFP doesn’t even come close to the CFA

I’m a level I candidate - let me tell you, it is difficult. My exam isn’t until December, so I’m hopeful that my flunking of the practice tests is a passing fad.

It’s basically broken into six volumes and “study sessions”. Each study session consists of anywhere from 3-7 chapters. You are supposed to complete one study session a week. But between producing, vacationing and doing whatever my wife tells me to do it’s pretty hard.

The first study sessions are about Ethics - and not easy ethics like on the 66 and 7. If you pick the most ethical thing you can imagine in the answers - it’s probably wrong. You really have to read it. That said, it’s the easiest part. The next part is Quantitative Analysis. If you like statistics (like me) it should be a breeze. The second volume is Economics. If you have a firm grasp of basic econ, this will build upon it and should be easy.

The third volume is financial statements. If you are an accountant, or just like reading financial statement for kicks, this is your volume. However, it is not mine. LIFO, FIFO, average weighted cost - pain in the neck. This is where I’ve been consistently getting 30’s on the SAME TESTS.

I’m still on Financial Statements - it makes up about 30% of the test and is weighted heavily by the scorers.

Then there are the Equity, Fixed Income, Derivatives and Alternative Investments volumes. My hope is that they are not nearly as painful.

Also, the next two years follow the same format, but build up on each other.

Hope that helps.

May 22, 2008 1:40 am

Best wishes with the CFA   
It looks like a Butt kicker!