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Better to start with Independent (Securian Mid American) or Edward Jones?

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Jul 18, 2019 9:10 pm

I had a Series 7 over 20 years ago and am now looking at getting back into the business. I have an offer from Edward Jones and have also interviewed with Securian for a position. Everything I read says Edward Jones is a great place to start, however people usually want to go independent after a while. It also has a longer base pay (4 years) and Securian only offers 3 years with a lesser amount, but no graduated commission level. Experian also seems to have a huge range of products and services and the ability to work within teams which seems to be a great starting point. Experian does have E&O fees plus platform fees for the technology but that seems to be the only draw back. They both seem like good firms and I liked the people in both offices. Securian has some huge producers in the office as does Edward Jones. At retiriement with Securian I could also sell my book. The commission level also increases at Securian vs Edward Jones. IF you can’t tell I’m truly perplexed. I want to make the best long term decision as this is going to take me into retirement. Thank you in advance for your input!