Best career move for ex-newspaper columnist?

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Feb 25, 2014 1:57 am

Greetings wealth managers (and management aspirants),

I'm decidedly between careers right now and I'm unsure of which direction to go next.

My abbreviated history: self-learned (no post-secondary degree) non-fiction writer, became a regular opinion-editorial columnist for a major Canadian daily newspaper by 27, fired from said position before 30—seven years ago.

In the interim I've done day work in the entertainment industry—mostly acting (extra work) and photography and haven't been especially career-focused. The plus side to that is that at age 37 I'm in the best physical shape of my life which my financial condition is in more or less the same pitiful state as always.

I'm thinking my talents in photography and my extensive knowledge of both architectural history and Los Angeles geography could make for a successful stint as a realtor. Or should I expand my cursory understanding of economics into something more specialized by successfully completing the Series 7 and 66 exams?

My Rolodex around town remains small so any thoughts about building clientele would be appreciated, along with any other suggestions as to how I can attain a six-figure income by 2015.