Belstaff history

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Sep 22, 2011 3:56 am

Founded in 1924 while in the United Kingdom Longton's


, earlier by artist Harry Grosberg water

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and appropriate to the qualities of world-renowned fighting; using superior good Egyptian cotton woven "Wax Cotton", equally cozy and water resistant breathable properties, may be the brand name proud in the earlier features. right after the veteran movie star Marlon Brando appeared, and far more fame; sponsor the manufacturing charges of huge Hollywood film star is undoubtedly the way in which of brand name advertising strategy. 2004's Ocean Twelve, 05 many years in the Aviator, War in the Worlds, and 2006 of X men, Superman Returns, vision not possible three using the recent subject in the Western edition of Infernal Affairs is red-colored The Departed, all

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's clothing sponsor in the brand. 2009 in Italy in the G8 (G8) summit, the leaders fit about the

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. Belstaff brand name has long been a challenge while in the film, McQueen dedicated collection mind wind and rainfall the weather, the

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at exactly the same time as George Clooney and Brad Pitt as properly as other well-liked film star style clothing.