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Army Veteran attempting to break in

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Sep 3, 2018 7:29 pm

I am a 10 year army veteran attempting to break into financial advisory. I have 2 years of previous sales experience where I excelled quotas by over 150% on a monthly basis for AT&T. I have a bachelors degree in finance from a local university near FT Bragg, NC (summa cum laude). The majority of my military experience has been working in embassies around the world (influence messaging programs). It heavilily involved mai tong and building foreign relationships with various military and political leaders. I am fluent in Spanish and Portuguese (native born in Brazil).

I feel as though I am having a hard time successfully making this transition. I have had some interviews but no follow ups. Morgan Stanley private wealth hirevue interview (few weeks ago). I have an upcoming Edward Jones interview. My resume gets the auto decline after 1-2 days at ML (I am sure it is not making it past the minimum screening). I have one resume denied with Wellsfargo and another under review.

I am relocating from NC to Florida. I want to move to the Miami and FT. Laudedale area because of the international exposure. I know that Miami has tons of Brazilians investors living and purchasing property there as well as a strong Hispanic presence. My language capabilities and previous work I believe give me an edge at targeting these markets, but I fully intend on obviously targeting regular markets as well.

Any advise out there would be appreciated. I am not taking this move likely as I have a family of four to support, but I know that I have the capability and ambition to thrive in this competitive field.