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Another CSGO Pro Complains Of Injury Pain

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Jul 21, 2016 8:37 am

After their shock loss to Swedish team Godsent within the Dreamhack Masters event, G2 eSports CSGO player, Richard ‘Shox’ Papillon, Tweeted out he's had a condition in Buy CSGO Skins his hand for several days.

Whether this is often a dig at other players who've reported wrist injury or if this is actually a serious concern is unclear. A number of prominent figures inside the CSGO scene have sent him well wishes though his team are in fact out in the $250,000 tournament.

With Fnatic missing the DH Masters around the home soil because of Olofmeisters injury and Guardian pulling in the NAVI squad and being replaced by their coach, it would seem to become weird joke to produce if that was the problem. Let us know what you consider by writing below or Tweeting.