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Am I hirable? I lost my job at Morgan Stanley for not passing series 7 after 2 attempts. I'm depressed to let this chance go

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Oct 22, 2016 8:43 pm
I studied hard but unfortunately I only got 69%. I was so disappointed about it and the possible consequences of losing my job after this failure. People at work were so supportive and I was amazed when my bosses told me that they would give me a second chance. They had faith in me because I was so close to passing the exam at first attempt. In the 2nd attempt, I got the same score 69%; I could not believe it. I feel that my world was falling and just wanted to drag it down in the underground. Next day, I informed my boss, and he told me that this is my last day and they feel so sorry, but they have to let me go. Truth, despite that, I have potential and a good business plan, I cannot sell anything if I don’t have series 7 and other licenses. What a shame! I applied for other financial firms, and hopefully, I got interviews, but all of them did not give me the 2nd interview after they found out that I did not pass series 7 with Morgan Stanley. What can I do? Am I hirable after not passing twice? I am sad about all this particularly because I have the family to support and I am on my 40s to cross around a big opportunity like this again ;-(
Jul 25, 2017 7:14 pm

You would have to apply for a small firm like EJ that takes you no matter what. After passing, you can then apply to the larger firms with the 7 and 66 already passed.