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Agency or B/D for Newbs?

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Sep 6, 2013 3:32 am

I was let go by EDJ for failing the series 66 three times but passed the 7. I can take the 66 again 5 months from now and can be re-hired but don't want to wait. I have resumes into; MSSB, ML, Ameriprise, UBS, Wells, and Waddell & Reed. I have only heard back from Wells and Waddell & Reed. The Wells recruiter wasn't sure if they wanted the 66 or will accept the 63/65 (we'll see). Waddell & Reed seemed keen but after cruising the net they seem to be 2nd or 3rd tier. I filed my U10 and set my exam for the 63 and then will take the 65. Also, have interviews with NY Life and Northwestern Mutual. Any opinions on Agent vs Broker? Many contributors to the different boards seem to bash the agencies and comment that, if you want to "move up the food chain", then big B/D's won't give the time of day if you are with an agency. Are agencies really the kiss of death? I want the build fee based business, get the CFP designation, and eventually go independent. Feedback?

Sep 7, 2013 1:38 am

Sat down with NYL and Northwestern Mutual and was interesting and food for thought. All commission with a period of tests and licensing and business plans. I think NWM has a signing bonus and NYL has some fees and you have to generate $30K in commission to receive your “expense $$”. Did like the snowballing residuals with Ins. although equities are not as focused or they have a specialist take care of it. Wells will actually take the 63/65 in place of the 66. Waddell and Reed I can’t seem to make out. I have calls and e-mails into the Directors/Principals of MSSB, ML, and UBS but no dice, not “local enough” possibly. Will have to “drop by” and do some tete-a-tete.

Sep 9, 2013 5:58 am

Does the NY Institute for Finance still to cram sessions for securities tests? Can you get yourself a partner who is also taking the test to practice with?