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Age no factor

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Jun 18, 2005 3:08 pm

This is for all the young people out there, especially myself. I just
wanted to give some positive light on the fact that age is as much of a
factor as you let it. I have heard all the negatives of being young in
this biz and how much it can hurt you. And yes maybe it would be better
to be older for various reasons. However, I have seen firsthand someone
make it right out of college with no experience and they are doing as
well as anyone could possibly do. A guy in my town started with EDJ at
21. He started selling at 22 as a IR. Now this guy is by no means a
excellent salesman or a genius or some crazy combination. He works
really hard, and long hours. At least he did the first 2 yrs. He is 4
yrs out now, and segment 4, about to be LP when they offer it, and has
40 mil + AUM. Now, his new wife has quite her job, they have 2 small
children, and are building a house in one of the golf communities
around here. Also, I should note this is a relatively small southern
town, with no more than 50,000 people in the city, and maybe 100,000 in
the county. So my point is that it can be done. As some say put your
head down and do it. And then it will happen.