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Feb 3, 2012 11:26 pm

Hey guys I was wonder if anyone could answer some questions I have about the registration process.

Some information about my situation is...

For the past 2 years I have worked as an intern for a small advisory firm (while finishing college). The plan or so I was told was to get me registered after I graduated and put me to work there after. So I have taken and passed my 66 already and am currently studying for the 7.  I was made an offer that does not justify the 1 hour there and 1 hour back drive home. So I started to explore my options at other firms as a backup. I was told after I took the 66 that I apparently did it backwards with most taking the 7 first. This has put my 66 in a kind of purgatory until I complete my 7. My question is...since my 66 is "completed" but not "activated" can I finish my 7 at another firm if I should change jobs? This might even be a stupid question but I don't have anyone at the office or broker/dealer to ask for obvious reasons.

Thanks Guys/Girls