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Advice for a newbie seeking partnership

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Oct 24, 2005 2:47 pm

Is it a bad idea for a junior broker to try and initiate a partnership with a more seasoned  FA rather than wait for one to approach him?

Any advice on approaching a senior?
Oct 24, 2005 7:41 pm

Think about it if you were the veteran FA...a young guy approaches you and wants to, in some way or another, tie himself in with you. 

Wouldn't you be a little skeptical as to his motivations?  Is he (the young one) failing and grasping out for help?  Is he lazy and doesn't want to get out there and prospect?  So many questions can come up. 

Also, like someone else said on here, he/she will want to date before they get married.  So do some stuff for him for free.  Whatever.  Paperwork.  Call this seminar invitees for him.  Do a good job, and then maybe you'll get a real offer that's worth it.

I have a buddy (right out of school) who did what I just said above, and he was recently offered junior partnership with one of the biggest teams in the South at a major wirehouse (I won't divulge any more info than that).  So basically he is guaranteed to hit his goals, and if he just works hard is going to be set for life.

Hell, I might be calling him in a few years for a job.