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66--re: jackieny

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Jul 28, 2005 12:07 am

jackie, sorry you didn't pass. 

i passed 7 and 66 last year.  i hear some people acutally find 66 harder than 7 because 66 requires the best answer wherase 7 has one obviously (of course, if you know the answer) correct answer.   

why don't you check out the following stc outlined 66 notes on ebay?

title: "STC Dearborn Series 7, Series 66 Personal Notes"

ebay Item number: 6970250720

you can type "6970250720" in search on ebay.  the notes seem really good.  and i recommended these notes to other people who're taking 66 also.

if you you choose to study with these notes through (not the whole manual of your choiceagain), and do as many practice exams as possible.  i'm sure you can pass if you make honest, hard efforts.