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20,000$ now, or Residual pay?

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Feb 15, 2017 6:38 pm

I'm looking to go out and do Summer sales this summer, in hopes to make money to pay for my school, and some other expenses.

[Company 1]

I'm looking into 2 separate companies at the moment. One company I'll start off making 30% per sale. if I sell 200 accounts I should make roughly 50,000$

[Company 2]

In the other company if I sell 200 accounts I'll make 11,880$ up front then recieve a 14% residual on every account, or 924$ Forever or until the accounts drop, or the company closes, in which case i'm guarenteed 20 months of pay.

Which Company would be the better option? Probably Company 1 depending on how I spend it right?