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NREI's Common Area: Episode 29

David Bodamer sits down with Walker & Dunlop's Adam Schwartz to talk about the recent deal that brought Schwartz and his partners to the firm and the state of the New York market.

In this episode of NREI's Common Area podcast, David Bodamer speaks with Adam Schwartz, the senior managing director at Walker & Dunlop, about Walker & Dunlop’s recent acquisition of AKS Capital Partners, a New York City-based capital markets advisory shop.

Adam and his three partners had only begun AKS Capital Partners in the summer of 2019 after breaking away from JLL. But their knowledge and expertise quickly made them a sought-after commodity in the New York capital markets space. Schwartz discusses why the deal made sense for both parties, the state of the New York financing scene and more. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why Adam believes it made sense to sell AKS to Walker & Dunlop
  • Why communication is the key to Walker & Dunlop’s success
  • How the core team of AKS works together to make each other better
  • What impact new rent regulation will have on multifamily lending
  • And more!

Tune in now to get the scoop on Walker & Dunlop’s recent acquisition of AKS Capital Partners. 



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