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The Inside ETFs Podcast

Inside ETFs Podcast: Franklin Templeton’s Dina Ting on Engineering Portfolios of ETFs

Franklin Templeton's head of global index portfolio management provides the best practices for advisors looking to invest in ETFs.


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Many advisors utilize ETFs to follow investment trends alongside the reduction of risk in their portfolios. Understanding how world events can shift capital markets, while focusing on ETFs that cut across countries and investment risk profiles, allows advisors to provide greater opportunities for their clients in turbulent markets.

In this episode, Douglas Yones, head of exchange traded products at the New York Stock Exchange, is joined by Dina Ting, head of global index portfolio management, Franklin Templeton. Dina shares how Franklin Templeton has grown, revealing its increased presence and focus on the ETF market while providing her best practices for advisors looking to invest in ETFs.

Douglas and Dina discuss: 

  • Pivotal career points and how Dina evolved both her career and Franklin Templeton’s ETF business; 
  • ETF trends in the marketplace and how investment products are responding, including COVID, the Russia-Ukraine conflict and inflation;
  • The key challenges for advisors in today’s markets; and 
  • Opportunities on a global scale when using ETFs, as it relates to a given region or resource rich company.

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