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Goodbye "Registered" Rep.! Hello and REP. magazine!

Welcome to "Holistic" wealth management is no longer some vague buzz word; wealth management is, finally, THE dominant retail financial-services business model. After years of talk, it is happening. We thought our publication and website should reflect that fact. is the new shared website for Trusts & Estates and REP. magazine (formerly Registered Rep. magazine). And it is accessible the way wealth professionals work: via mobile, web and email. Please surf and enjoy!

Notice anything different about the website you are currently viewing? You should. Our very name has changed, for one thing. The website is no longer The magazine that readers have known as Registered Representative and then Registered Rep. starting when I came aboard with the January 2002 issue is now simply, REP. We’ve dropped the word “Registered” from the title—after featuring it in our logo for over three decades.

Obviously, we've changed more than the name. The whole look, navigation, and "feel" of the website has been tuned up.

Why? The answer is obvious. The retail financial industry has moved on from a transactional model to an advice-based model. Even in the wirehouses, FAs are offering more comprehensive wealth management services to their clients than ever before, usually carrying two licenses (one allowing them to sell and another allowing them to advise). This shift has been such that the term “registered rep” has, over the last decade or more, begun to take on a negative connotation. “We’re wealth managers, please,” I’d hear at conferences. “We’re not registered reps. We’re not salespeople. We’re advisors.”

When I came on board in 2002, we deliberately began covering the RIA and financial planning space since, well, that was the direction in which retail financial advice was moving. While REP. is still the leading read among wirehouse-based financial advisors, we felt the old name was becoming too antiquated and it no longer accurately described the broader reach of the audience for our magazine and website. We don’t want to completely lose our heritage, of course, so we’re keeping the word “Rep.” After all, a person who works for an RIA is an IAR—or investment advisory rep.  So, the title is accurate indeed.

Further, we have joined forces—digitally—with our sister publication, Trusts & Estates. Together, we have formed It’s our new website—the dynamic digital resource housing everything you need to know about all things wealth management-related. In addition to providing access to all of our REP. articles, subscribers will now have access to Trusts & Estates articles and our various e-newsletters. will give you easy access to client communication ideas, practice management insight, current and pending estate-planning and tax legislation and investing news. Our advanced search capabilities will allow you to cut through the chaos and get straight to the topic you’re looking for. Another bonus? You’ll also get access to the blogs and newsletters from Trusts & Estates, in addition to REP.’s. The site’s easy-to-use interface is designed around “day-in-the-life” wealth management activities and key topics. So check out our new website and let us know your thoughts.


David A. Geracioti


We thank you for your support. Drop us a line with your comments:
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