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Trust in Yourself: Taking a Leap of Faith to Build an Enduring Legacy

How do advisors who move to independence overcome their concerns about making the leap?


Many advisors considering a move to independence don’t have access to peers who actually made the leap and will candidly describe their journey and experiences. If that’s the case, you’re often left wondering if all you hear or read about is “the real deal”— or just more hype and headline than reality.

In this episode, Mindy interviews “the real deal”—an advisor who left the safety of a traditional firm for the greater freedom and flexibility offered by the Independent Broker/Dealer model.

Tim Adams, from The Princeton Group in Yardley, Penn., joins Mindy to discuss his firsthand experiences in making the move to independence. You’ll find that his journey is much like many others: The former Smith Barney advisor found himself growing increasingly frustrated with his firm and knew he could do better for his clients and his career. After careful exploration, he, along with his wife and partner, Donna Sabb, made the leap to Wells Fargo FiNet—a move far less common in 2009 than it is today. Tim allowed his mantra, “Trust in yourself” to guide his successful transition and today they continue to grow through both organic and inorganic growth.

Tim will share with listeners how he overcame the perceived obstacles of a move to independence, answering the questions so many advisors ask, including: 

  • Will my clients move with me if I go independent?
  • Do I need a brand name firm?
  • How difficult and risky is the move to independence, really?

Tim’s excitement is so palpable as he addresses these questions and more. It’s a great opportunity to fill in some knowledge gaps in your own exploration of the independent space by learning from someone who actually made the move.


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