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The Rewards and Risks of Independence: A Conversation With Mark Tibergien

An episode for all members of the wealth management community, from those at wirehouse firms to independent business owners.


Mark Tibergien, the CEO of BNY Mellon Pershing Advisor Solutions, shares his thoughts on the momentum towards independence, the evolving advisor mindset, what it takes to run a successful practice, and much more.

There are few people whose knowledge of the wealth management industry can match that of Mark Tibergien—so to have access to this award-winning thought-leader, author, and CEO is fortuitous.

Mindy sets the stage for an intense dialogue with Mark about the state of the industry: the independent space and what lies ahead for captive and independent advisors.

Together they discuss:

  • The key differences between captive and independent advisors, and how the desire to become a “true” fiduciary is driving advisor sentiment and movement towards independence.
  • The fundamental changes in the role of the advisor: an evolution from product-advocate to customer-advocate.
  • The evolved role of the custodian, and how it’s grown beyond just asset custody.
  • A look at the RIA space, and the most compelling features that will influence growth and asset flow in the future.
  • The real risk profile of independence, and what advisors need to be aware of before they decide to make the leap.
  • How the business of financial advice has changed; three key questions that firm owners need to ask themselves.
  • How to build an “enduring” firm, and why planned obsolescence should be a goal of every firm founder.
  • Options for independent firm owners looking to access capital; understanding the real cost of selling equity.
  • What succession planning really means and where there’s opportunity to create transferable value.

It’s a deep dive into a world that has changed dramatically: where those willing to accept risk and accountability are seeing the highest level of reward. It’s the one episode you don’t want to miss.

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Mindy Diamond is President & CEO of Diamond Consultants in Morristown, N.J., a nationally recognized boutique search and consulting firm in the financial services industry.

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