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A Multi-Generational Indy Breakaway Story

At a time when many advisors would be focused on retirement, this senior advisor and his team took “the road less traveled” in order to better serve their clients and business.


Why would Herman Rij, a 70-year-old “lifer” from Merrill Lynch, choose to leave his home of nearly four decades to face the uncertainty of a move to independence? And how could he and his team justify walking away from their deferred comp—into the “unknown”—that is, by starting an independent practice from scratch?

To answer those questions and more, Mindy is joined by Jason Cort, President of Quadrant Private Wealth, to learn how he and three other Merrill advisors, including Herm, who is now chairman of Quadrant, made the leap to independence in 2014 with the help of Focus Financial Partners.

In this episode, Jason will talk about what compelled their move to independence, as well as:

  • Why they decided against moving to another wirehouse.
  • How they got their multi-generational team all on the same page.
  • How their clients reacted to the announcement of their move.
  • How they addressed Herm’s succession needs while also meeting the needs of the younger partners.
  • Why they chose Focus Financial Partners.
  • How their team has grown—and their plans for the future.

So join Mindy as she and Jason discuss how the team built Quadrant “brick by brick,” just eight floors above their old office but light years above their former practice.

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