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Mindy Diamond on Independence: The Most Valuable Advice for Advisors and Business Owners

An annual digest of 2022 commentary for financial advisors and business owners on topics including achieving autonomy, considering change, serving clients’ needs, succession, next gen, growth and more.

When this podcast first aired in November 2017, our goal was to create a series designed to educate advisors on the independent landscape.

We truly had no expectations that five years later we’d still be here, let alone that the show would grow to include such an amazing roster of guests—from breakaways to members from the c-suite to industry thought leaders. Plus, we’re grateful for our growing cadre of faithful listeners from throughout the wealth management community who call it their “go-to” for learning about the opportunities within a changing industry landscape.

In keeping up with an evolving advisor mindset, we expanded the content from exploring independence as a model to the overall concept of freedom and flexibility. That is, the autonomy that advisors have become increasingly drawn to and which is achievable in ways like never before.

So in what’s become one of our most popular episodes each year, we take a step back to relive some of the highlights of the 2022 season that reflect the notion of independence and share some of the most valuable advice from those who are experiencing their version of freedom, flexibility and autonomy first-hand, including (in order of appearance):

These stellar guests share their thoughts on a changing wealth management industry:

  • The concept of “more” and its impact on clients, advisors, and firms.
  • The evolution of advisor mindset.
  • The notion of serving clients’ needs first.
  • The ways that advisors can improve client service.
  • The limitations experienced by employee advisors.
  • The different ways advisors achieve greater autonomy and agency over their business lives.
  • The thought process behind foregoing a lucrative recruiting deal for independence.
  • The choice to stay in an employee model.
  • The evolution of the supported independence model.
  • The senior and next gen perspective of the succession planning process.
  • The choice of independence over big firm retire-in-place programs.
  • The transition of leadership to next gens.
  • And what you should be thinking about when considering change.

Plus, much more.

It’s the one show that provides an actionable digest of advice from a full year of candid conversations—designed for employee advisors and independent business owners alike.

We’re grateful to each of the guests featured, as well as the many more we were unable to include due to time limitations—so be sure to visit the podcast page to listen to the full season of episodes.

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