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Mindy Diamond on Independence: How a Lincoln Financial Ensemble Found a New Independent Path with SagePoint

Shane Morrow discusses leaving insurance-based independent broker/dealer, Lincoln Financial, and how his new firm, IronBridge Wealth Counsel, has thrived with Advisor Group's SagePoint Financial.

Mindset can be a powerful driver.

For Shane Morrow, it served as a motivational force behind building a billion-dollar business.

Having come from the institutional world, Shane started out in the financial planning business at Lincoln Financial with zero—no clients, no assets under management.

That was in 2016. Today Shane’s the CEO and managing partner of billion-dollar independent firm IronBridge Wealth Counsel.

It’s extraordinary growth that Shane credits to having an optimistic attitude and a growth mindset with an eye on the long-term—as well as teaming up with the right group of experienced partners.

An ensemble practice with offices across the country, the core team started working together in 2004, motivated by filling gaps that they saw in the financial services industry.

With that in mind, their vision was to serve as advocates for their clients—what they call “champions of their financial well-being.”

Yet it was a vision they were unable to fully realize while at the insurance-based independent broker dealer, Lincoln Financial, that propelled them into exploration. That process resulted in the team, which was managing some $800 million at the time, moving their independent firm IronBridge Wealth Counsel to SagePoint Financial, an IBD under the Advisor Group umbrella of firms.

That was in June of 2022. And IronBridge kicked off 2023 with over $1B in assets under management.

Sure, you’re likely saying that mindset alone can’t power that kind of growth. And no doubt you’re right. But it does power the vision and execution path that one takes to achieve their goals. And that’s what Shane talks about in this conversation with Louis Diamond. They discuss:

  • Entering the world of financial advice without a book of business—and what Shane feels were the critical steps that led to his growth.
  • The choice to leave Lincoln Financial as one of the most significant groups within the firm—and what prompted them to explore their options.
  • The due diligence process—and why they opted to stay in the independent broker dealer model with SagePoint.
  • The value of building an ensemble practice—and how they plan to create a place where other advisors can grow and thrive.

It’s a powerful episode that reminds advisors and business owners alike that being honest with yourself about your “why” and ensuring you’re running “to something” and not “from something” is essential to success. Listen in for actionable advice on growth and how to ensure your mindset matches your ultimate mission.

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