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Mindy Diamond on Independence: CEG’s John Bowen on What it Takes to Build a Blockbuster Business

What’s the secret to the success of top financial advisors? John Bowen of CEG Worldwide, coach to elite financial advisors, shares the “real gamechangers” that help them break through to the next level and accelerate growth—and more.


So what does it really take to become a top financial advisor?

For many, it seems like an elusive title, limited to a chosen few. But in reality, elite wealth managers aren’t born that way. Sure, they are driven by a determination to succeed with a high level of motivation. But it’s not all nature—much of success comes from “nurture.”

That is, learning from the best—like the guest on this episode, John Bowen, founder and CEO of CEG Worldwide.

In speaking with other top advisors, many credit John’s teachings as the “real gamechangers” for their businesses. And John speaks from experience: Prior to CEG, he built a wealth management business with some $2 billion in AUM.

John helps advisors who are looking to break through to the next level and accelerate growth—a topic that ranks among the most popular on our show and one he talks about with Mindy Diamond, including:

  • John’s 26-year tenure as a financial advisor—and how that experience informs his coaching style and teachings.
  • The real value of a “great coach” to a financial advisor—and how advisors can get the most out of their experience.
  • The typical issues that advisors are looking to solve for—and how they can get back to the “simplicity” they may have experienced earlier in their careers.
  • The dreaded “good enough” level that advisors get stuck at—and how to break through and build an amazing life of significance.
  • The importance of providing a world class experience for clients—and how that impacts growth.
  • Transitioning from “chasing clients” to “choosing” them—and why that should be a key goal to achieve.

As John says, “Every advisor should create value independent of their firm or strategic partner.” That is, focus on doing all you can to serve clients and grow your business. Take an annual look at your practice, your firm and the options available to you. And learn to embrace change—because advisors who are thriving are those who have learned to be a conduit to their clients, connecting them to new and exciting opportunities.

Ultimately, it’s a conversation that dives into what “really” helps advisors accelerate growth and live their best business life.

Be sure to watch the video version or listen in to the audio only format—and visit this link for the special offer John mentions on the episode.

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