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Mindy Diamond on Independence: 11 Trends Destined to Impact Advisors and Their Businesses

Mindy and Louis Diamond look forward to see how the "seller's market" of 2021 will color the new year.


2021 was an extraordinary year for the wealth management industry. Despite the waning shadow of the pandemic, advisors set new trajectories on the revenue side, while creatively serving clients and managing their business lives.

Yet this success was set amidst a confluence of events that positioned advisors securely in the driver’s seat this year. On the one hand, brokerage firms have been slow to acknowledge just how frustrated many of their advisors are with the status quo.

While on the other, leaders outside of this world continued to pay close attention to what advisors value most – freedom, flexibility and control – and responded by creating exciting new firms and models that match advisors’ needs. The result was increased competition for top advisor talent that fueled a true “seller’s market” in 2021.

In an annual article for, we explored the seven trends of 2021 and their impact on the industry at large—as well as the foundation laid for the coming year.

So how do we expect this “seller’s market” to color the new year? There are 11 potential areas that are already showing strong signs for 2022.

In this episode we look at:

  1. The impact of the pandemic: Will it last?
  2. Advisor movement: Will the record levels continue?
  3. Retention deals: How will they influence those who stay and those who move on?
  4. Record revenues: Will they drive up deals?
  5. The Protocol: Will Merrill pull out?
  6. The new disruptors: How will they drive change?
  7. Goldman’s custody play: Will it be the game-changer advisors have been waiting for?
  8. The traditional broker dealer space: How will their evolution change the landscape?
  9. More IPOs: Who might be next and why?
  10. The expanding role of crypto: What models will be affected most?
  11. Giving up some ownership: Will advisors be more willing to do so?

Plus, what we anticipate will be the driving theme of 2022.

Listen in for a glimpse on the future—and thoughts on how you can prepare for what lies ahead.

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Mindy Diamond is CEO of Diamond Consultants in Morristown, N.J., a nationally recognized boutique search and consulting firm in the financial services industry.

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