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The Healthy Advisor

The Healthy Advisor: Reflecting on a Life Well-Lived, Yet Not Without Tragedy

With age, comes wisdom. And with 83 years on this Earth, advisor Joseph R. Biondo has a lot to share about life, tragedy and the pursuit of happiness.


Advisor Joseph R. Biondo Sr. just recently celebrated 60 years in the financial services industry, but his path to success was not a linear one. In his 83 years, he has experienced his fair share of struggles—both personally and professionally.

In fact, his life began with tragedy. Just three weeks before he was born, his father passed away, leaving his mother a widow with two young boys at age 30 in Canarsie, Brooklyn. His family ended up on welfare, struggling to make ends meet, so he would help out any way he could, working odd jobs with his uncle.

Eventually he and his family got out of Brooklyn, and through his own persistence he landed a job as a broker.


Joseph R. Biondo Sr. at his desk.

But tragedy would strike him again, when his wife Inge died in an automobile accident in 1979, leaving him with four kids to raise on his own.

In this episode, Managing Editor Diana Britton is joined by Joseph Biondo Sr., founder of Biondo Investment Advisors, who shares his wisdom and life lessons that came out of his experiences.

Joe and Inge.jpeg

Joe with his wife, Inge

Joe discusses: 

  • What life was like growing up in Canarsie, Brooklyn
  • The biggest lessons he learned from his mother
  • Why and how he entered the financial services industry
  • How the industry has changed
  • How he overcame the tragedies and struggles throughout his life
  • How contributing back to the community has helped him lead a more fulfilling life
  • How his experiences helped him take care of clients better from an emotional and personal perspective
  • His advice for young brokers just starting out

If you have a struggle and wish to share your experiences and help others in similar situations, please reach out to Diana at [email protected].

The Healthy Advisor podcast is available on Apple PodcastsAndroidStitcherSpotify and wherever podcasts are found. 

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