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The Diamond Podcast for Financial Advisors: What Advisors Should Focus on to Maximize the Value of Their Practice

Dan Seivert of ECHELON Partners offers perspective to help advisors better understand their business’s value drivers and how to maximize each, even if you aren’t interested in going independent or selling your business.

As more advisors shift toward thinking of their business as “a business,” the priority has become the long term—with an emphasis on maximizing the value of what they’ve built.

Yet maximizing value isn’t solely to affect a sale or transition: It’s about identifying the best partners, practices, and procedures to help build a stronger and more sustainable business that will serve clients and foster growth well into the future.

So, what is it that drives business valuations?

Dan Seivert, one of the wealth management industry’s leading experts on the topic, joins the show to share key factors that impact the value of an advisor’s business.

As the founder and CEO of ECHELON Partners – a boutique investment bank focused on M&A and succession planning for the wealth and investment management industries – Dan’s firm also provides sell-side, buy-side, and merger advisory services to wealth and investment managers seeking strategic growth, partnership, and succession solutions.

ECHELON’S M&A Deal Reports are an industry standard, providing data and perspective on activity on a quarterly and annual basis. Plus, the Deals & Dealmakers Summits and Webcasts feature some of the industry’s most influential voices on M&A, strategy, leadership, and solutions for deal-making.

In this episode, Dan sits on the other side of the table with Louis Diamond to discuss essential information on the heels of ECHELON’S 2023 Deal Report. They discuss:

  • Driving enterprise value at all levels—regardless of where advisors build their businesses.
  • Where business valuations stand today—and where they might be headed.
  • The latest M&A trends—and what advisors should be aware of.
  • The rise of private equity—and how this impacts advisors at wirehouses.
  • And the key factors that set the best business apart from all others.

Dan has a unique perspective on what makes an advisor’s business attractive to a potential seller, and he provides actionable advice on what advisors can do now to prepare for the future.

It’s a unique interview with an industry thought leader that will help advisors better understand their business’s value drivers, how to maximize each, and what’s important to know about valuations going forward—even if you aren’t interested in going independent.

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