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Chris Dudley, Wayne Chrebet, Jim Everett: 12 Pro Athletes Who Became Financial Advisors

Not all stories about professional athletes and finance are negative.

The stories of professional athletes making, and subsequently losing, millions of dollars are myriad. In no other profession do those who are so young make so much money in such a short window of time, so the reality that many aren’t prepared to manage their fortunes after the paychecks stop rolling in is hardly a shock.

What is surprising is the number of pros who have taken the money management lessons learned during their sporting careers­­­, be they positive or negative, to heart and launched second acts in financial services.

Some set out specifically to help other athletes avoid repeating the mistakes of the past, others focus on high-net-worth individuals, while still others work with a more general clientele. Regardless of who they serve, here are 12 pro athletes that became advisors:

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