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Ten Terrific Books Written by Advisors, for Advisors

Few understand the job of the financial advisor like those who have done the work. These 10 books relay key lessons, actionable tactics and wisdom directly relevant to advisors at all levels, from novices to veterans.

“If you wish to know the road,” goes a Japanese proverb, “inquire of those who have traveled it.” Business writers, professors of finance, psychologists and consultants all have important lessons for financial advisors, but there is no wisdom like the wisdom that comes from those who toil daily in the trenches of financial planning and wealth management.

These 10 books, all published in the past 10 years, focus on client service, practice management, succession planning, technical skills and more. They represent the best of books written by and for advisors. Your practice stands to benefit when the advice you take is from those who walk the walk.  

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