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Focused on the Future Podcast

Focused on the Future: Kay Lynn Mayhue on Why Investing in Talent Is Key to a Firm’s Long-Term Success

The president of Merit Financial Advisors discusses the importance of cultivating top talent and creating a strong company culture.

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In the latest episode of Focused on the Future, veteran industry leader Suzanne Siracuse talks with Kay Lynn Mayhue, president of Merit Financial Advisors, on the importance of cultivating top talent and creating a strong company culture, organic growth tactics that work, and the many ways to attract and support women in financial services.

Specifically, Kay Lynn discusses:

  • Why Merit’s Servant leadership style has been instrumental in creating a firm culture where team members thrive.
  • How to meet and exceed client expectations as they continue to evolve
  • Effective organic growth strategies including digital marketing initiatives and revenue share programs.
  • Why setting personal boundaries and being transparent are critical when it comes to attracting and supporting women in financial advice.
  • The significance of having an adaptable tech stack to meet future business needs

Connect With Suzanne Siracuse:

Connect With Kay Lynn Mayhue:

About Our Guest:

Kay Lynn Mayhue is the President of Merit Financial Advisorsa national wealth management firm that supports advisors affiliated with independent broker-dealers, as well as those who are registered investment advisors

Kay Lynn has played many roles in the financial advisory industry: as a successor, partner, seller, and buyer. This unique and diverse background allows her to be able to relate to advisors in all phases of their careers and mergers and acquisitions. With a background in financial planning and leadership, her career expands over several areas, including advising clients, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic growth.

She holds her CFP®, AEP®, and RFC® and has been a critical decision-maker for two firms over the past twenty years. Kay Lynn has overseen the majority of Merit’s mergers and acquisitions and has been recognized for that by winning the 2023 M&A Leader of the Year. 

She is passionate about helping people take their careers – and themselves – to exceptional levels. Kay Lynn’s influence in the industry and her drive for success is a driving factor in Merit’s ongoing growth and appeal to growth-oriented advisors.


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