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The 12 Best Business Books of 2021 for Advisors

Each title on this list will add value to your practice and the tools you use daily in your work.

In a pandemic year, with remote work, financial upheavals and unprecedented change, advisors are searching for new tools, new motivation and new hacks to take their practices to the next level. editors have worked their way through scores of business books published in 2021 to recommend the 12 that are the most relevant to financial advisors. The titles on the 2021 list investigate such themes as risk management, behavioral economics, business history, time management, decision-making, wealth inequality and customer service. Each will cause you to see the financial world in a new light.

Since few of us have time to read even the best business books from cover to cover, we suggest the chapter of each book that best delivers the goods. As an added bonus, we cherry-pick the key themes each book delivers. As in years past, the list includes a worthy novel set in the world of finance whose fictional themes offer lessons just as pertinent as those of the nonfiction titles. All prices are for the retail print edition; discounts are widely available. Most titles are also available as e-books for digital download or audiobooks for those who like to listen.

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