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Smartphone Users Fear Leaked Financial Info Over Nude Pics

Smartphone Users Fear Leaked Financial Info Over Nude Pics

What's on your phone? | Eugenio Marongiu/iStock/Thinkstock

A new survey from antivirus company Avast provides some interesting data about mobile security. The study, which included 25,000 people and took place across 11 countries, asked smartphone users a basic question: Would you rather have nude photos on your mobile device publicly exposed, or your financial information? Those surveyed in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, India, France, Russia, Spain and the Czech Republic all choose the naked pics. Brazil, Mexico and Argentina said the same, although the results were closer to a 50/50 split. While users may be concerned about the theft of bank data, only 60 percent of those surveyed lock their phone. Also, when given the choice, more smartphone users lock their photo apps instead of their banking apps.

Advizr Provides Financial Planning Software to XY Planning Network

The XY Planning Network has added Advizr’s financial planning software to its bundle of technology offerings for young, fee-based advisors. XY Planning will include a subscription to Advizr in its membership fee for no additional cost. XY’s technology bundle also includes social media and website archiving tools, Guide Financial, Wealthbox for CRM, PreciseFP and PaySimple. "We believe in the Network's mission and feel Advizr is very much aligned, helping to serve the next generation of advisors and clients," Advizr CEO Hussain Zaidi said.

Donald Sterling Loses Appeal to Reverse Clippers’ Sale

Donald Sterling with not his wife. | Copyright Ronald Martinez, Getty Images

Former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling lost his appeal on Monday to regain control of the team and reverse its $2 billion sale to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. ABC News reports that the Second District Court of Appeals affirmed that Donald’s wife, Shelly, properly removed her husband from control of the family trust that owned the team after he was banned from the NBA in the wake of well-publicized racist remarks, and subsequently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. According to the courts, the sale prevented the trust from suffering an “extraordinary loss.” The appeals court noted that Donald failed to show the judge committed any legal error. The legendarily litigious Sterling still has a lawsuit pending in federal court against Shelly, the doctors who diagnosed him and the NBA.

Sotheby's Awakens With Star Wars Auction

The "Blue Moon Diamond" of Star Wars toys.

May the force be with the winner of Sotheby's newest auction. The auction house, which just finished selling the "Blue Moon" diamond for $48.5 million, is going decidedly more low-brow (and low price) this time with the auction of Star Wars collectibles belonging to Japanese fashion designer Tomoaki Nagao. Among the 600 action figures, Darth Vader helmets, autographed light sabers, stormtrooper blasters, Jabba the Hut cookie jars and vintage posters is a rare action figure of Luke Skywalker with double-telescoping lightsaber. There are only 20 confirmed examples of this toy, which was quickly pulled off the shelves because the potentially child-choking saber snapped off too easily. It is expected to fetch between $12,000 and $18,000. The online auction takes place on Dec. 11.

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