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The Daily Brief
The Daily Brief: Robo PR

The Daily Brief: Robo PR

You’ve heard of robo-advisors, but what about robo-PR agents? Introducing Finsource, the first fully automated public relations platform for financial advisors and wealth managers. For $99 per month, Finsource will create press releases, send them to media influencers and even provide analysis of website performance and search terms. 

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Another Reason it Pays to be a Nerd

Speaking of financial technology, Openfolio, a sharing platform for investors, claims that people working in technology invest better than banking professionals and financial advisors. According to data collected from Openfolio users, techies made a 12.7 percent return on their investments from a 12-month period ending in October while financial pros made just 8 percent. The reason is that people in finance hold more bank stocks, which haven’t risen as much as tech stocks, and cash in their portfolios. 

Stock Architect

Ever wonder what it would be like to walk through your stock portfolio like a sprawling metropolis? Fidelity Labs unveiled its first prototype of StockCity this week, geared toward the millennial generation. City dynamics in the game correspond with specific aspects of the market, including building height, weather patterns and day/night cycles.

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Looking for a Place to Retire? Do Your Research

That's the message in this New York Times article about retirement havens. Not only should retirees looking to relocate check out real estate circulars and listings, but also check out the neighborhood, and it's politics, to make sure it aligns with your own. One way to do so? Subscribe to the local newspaper or read it online.

Take the Commodities Quiz

Do you know which country produces the most sugar? Coffee? Natural gas? Then you're going to ace U.S. Global Investors' Pick the Commodities Producer interactive quiz. TDB got a 56 the first time around. Can you beat that?

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