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The Daily Brief: How Well Do You Know Emerging Markets?

The Daily Brief: How Well Do You Know Emerging Markets?

Calamos Funds has created an online quiz illustrating the diversity of emerging markets and the type of exposure investors get when investing in a fund or ETF that tracks an emerging market index. The eight-question quiz isn't as interesting as finding out what's your inner potato, but it is much more informative.

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It's a Family Thing

Family-controlled firms now make up 19 percent of Fortune's Global 500, up from 15 percent, according to new research from McKinsey. WalMart, controlled by the Walton family, is at the top of the list, along with three other U.S. businesses.


The Pros Don’t Do It Better

You’d think a professional money manager would be smarter at investing his or her own money than the average investor, but a new study of 84 mutual fund managers in Sweden shows otherwise. In the paper cited by The Globe and Mail, authors Andriy Bodnaruk and Andrei Simonov found that the 84 managers did not perform better in their personal portfolios than non-experts in the same socio-economic class. Actually, the wealthiest 1 percent of Swedes outperformed the professional managers.


The Time to Talk About Money is Now

When it comes to inheriting money from deceased family members, nearly half of benefactors failed to discuss their inheritance plans with their children, according to a recent survey by UBS Wealth Management Americas. But with nearly $30 trillion estimated to change hands by 2050, silence regarding inheritances is only going to cause problems for those receiving the monetary gifts, Elizabeth O'Brien writes for MarketWatch

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They Keep Giving It Away

The number of charitable donations of more than $1 million has reached a five-year high, according to a new report from private bank Coutts. The report shows that donations reached $17 billion in 2013, up $3 billion from the previous year. While the amount was up, the actual number of donations was down to 1,173 from 1,408 in 2012. The largest single gift was $1.8 billion from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the WHO.

We Couldn't Have Said it Any Better

Kids, they say the darndest things, including breaking down the basics of commodities futures trading

Would You Bring Your Parents to Work?

Thursday, November 6 is Bring Your Parents to Work Day, and LinkedIn is encouraging employees and businesses to do just that. The second-annual event allows children to show their parents where they work, what they do and gives them a chance to say thanks. 

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