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All-Channel Trend Report
Part 4: Marketing Methods

Part 4: Marketing Methods

Section 4: Best Practices of Top Advisors

One of the largest operational differences among large, growing and other firms is the approach they take to marketing. Large firms make much heavier use of email campaigns and print newsletters. While 43% and 34% of large firms utilize email campaigns and webinars, respectively, only 30% and 23% of growing firms, and only 35% and 24% of other firms, do the same. We observe even greater disparity with respect to conference calls and webinars, with roughly one-third of large respondents using them compared to low double-digit responses from both the growing and other firms. Growing firms make much larger use of client appreciation events, social media, and advertising. This appears to reveal a slightly more aggressive marketing approach taken by these firms, which may at least partially explain their success in growing their practice. It may also suggest some of the key marketing strategies that other advisors could employ to achieve stronger growth. 

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