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All-Channel Trend Report
Part 9: Expected Change in Usage of Alternatives

Part 9: Expected Change in Usage of Alternatives

Section 4: Best Practices of Top Advisors

When asked about their expected change in usage of alternative investments in the next three years, the majority of the growing and other firms - 62% and 55% respectively - report that usage will likely remain fairly consistent. In contrast, the large firm responses are evenly split between stay the same and increase. Also, only 32% of the growing firms report that their usage of alternatives is likely to increase over the next three years, which compares to 48% and 40% for the large and other firms, respectively. However, given that small percentages of each category of firm report that alternative usage is likely to decline, it appears that alternatives will continue to gain share within client portfolios across all firm categories, albeit perhaps at a slower rate than in prior years. 

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