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All-Channel Trend Report
Part 2: Growth Trends

Part 2: Growth Trends

Section 4: Best Practices of Top Advisors

By parsing the responses to expected growth in AUM over the next year, we expect the larger firms to have slightly lower expectations simply due to the law of large numbers. Therefore, it is no surprise that 37% of large firms expect AUM growth of 10% or less over the next year compared to only 25% for growing firms and 30% for others. Across all three cohorts the most popular expected growth range is 11-20%. Interestingly the percentage (17%) of large firms expecting robust growth of 21% or greater is equal to that of the growing firms. However, both are eclipsed by respondents in the other category, as 26% indicate expectations of growth of 21% or more. This finding is likely a function of the fact that many of these are smaller firms that have yet to see a level of robust growth experienced by the large and growing firms. 

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