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The Wired Rep

This reference guide is based on information supplied by the publishers and distributors of the programs. A listing does not constitute a recommendation by the magazine. The features described are only a partial list of the programs' capabilities. Check with the company for more information.CONTACT MANAGEMENT PROGRAMSBill Good Marketing801/572-1480, 800/678-1480www.billgood.comGorilla for Windows$9,400

This reference guide is based on information supplied by the publishers and distributors of the programs. A listing does not constitute a recommendation by the magazine. The features described are only a partial list of the programs' capabilities. Check with the company for more information.


Bill Good Marketing801/572-1480, 800/678-1480www.billgood.comGorilla for Windows$9,400 for single user$13,400 for two-broker network

The system, geared for client marketing, prospecting and office management, automates client contact and keeps track of investment styles and holdings. The prospecting program offers packaged campaigns, allows simultaneous multiple campaigns and tracks campaigns for profitability. The office management program produces action reports for a broker's team members that can be programmed for automatic follow-up.

E-Z Data626/585-3505, 800/777-9188www.ez-data.comClient Data Systems for Windows$699 for single user, plus $360/year$1,499 for network version, plus $675/year

A Windows-based contact- and practice-management program geared for insurance agents and investment advisers, this program tracks calendar activities; organizes client and prospect files, letters and notes; generates policy and investment reports; and identifies best sales opportunities. The program links multiple contact records to business records for instant access and consolidated reporting.

FDP Corp.305/858-8200, 800/337-2677www.fdpcorp.comContact Partner$1,295 for single user, plus $35/month$3,250 for network version, plus $80/month

Contact Partner, a Windows-based sales, marketing and client management system, features Agent View Security to allow multiple reps to share the same database with restricted views of respective client data. It features customizable fields and screens as well as automatic client/prospect management and marketing functions.

National Datamax619/673-3300, 888/673-4180www.nationaldatamax.comClient/Asset Management System$695 for single user, plus $150/year$1,295 for three users, plus $300/year

This program enables users to maintain client and prospect files, consolidated portfolio reports, consolidated insurance reports, transaction records, and volume and commission reports. The software also features an appointment and callback scheduler, cross-references and mailing lists.

North American Software Inc.513/793-2240www.nasoftware.comSales Professional's Helper$495

This Windows-based target-marketing system functions as a stand-alone program or as Level 1 of a four-level portfolio-management program series. This level features target marketing and personal productivity functions, including a scheduler and a calendar as well as sales, mail and account management systems. The Helper Series is available for single users or networks.

Progressive Allied Marketing Inc.619/233-3227, ext. 320www.probroker.comProBroker$395

This Windows-based client and prospect management program organizes and prioritizes contact activities and focuses the broker on the most qualified prospects. It features a word processor, unlimited tracking of contacts' interests and a mail-merge function. An optional portfolio manager program ($595) provides instant access to clients' positions, cost basis and trade activity. It also features customizable profit-and-loss, income and performance reports.

Scherrer Resources215/542-5710www.brokersally.comBroker's Ally$395 for Standard Level, plus $150/year$695 for Gold Level, plus $180/year$995 for Portfolio Management Level, plus $220/year$1,495 for Advanced Portfolio Management Level, plus $260/year

This Windows-based program offers four levels of software. The Standard Level features a built-in word processor, posting book and campaign lists for target marketing. It provides monthly, weekly and daily activity calendars. The Gold Level adds a sales planner system to initiate and track multiple sales activities for clients and prospects. It features built-in prospecting and sales letters, as well as scripts. The Portfolio Management Level adds automated securities pricing import capability, broker and client reporting and customized asset classes, as well as a campaign planner for maturing investments. The Advanced Portfolio Management Level includes multicurrency features for international portfolios, various performance reports and tax lot accounting.

Springwater Software Systems800/354-1548www.springwatersoftware.comPeak98$300, plus $95/year

Designed for financial planners and brokers, Peak98 is a contact management program that runs under Microsoft Access and Outlook. It features letters, a phone dialer, e-mail and asset reports as well as one-button access to a client's investments and transactions. It automatically downloads client investment data from DST. Users can build their own reports, transfer data to Excel or import tables to Word.


Advent Software415/543-7696, 800/727-0605www.advent.comAxys Release 3Systems start at $3,900

Axys Release 3 is a Windows-compatible portfolio accounting and management program. It offers a choice in accounting treatment--tax lot or average cost accounting. Capital gains distributions for mutual funds can be managed. The software tracks fixed-income characteristics such as yield method, amortization, accretion, duration, odd coupon dates, ratings and tax status. The program analyzes derivatives and manages variable rate securities. Its performance measurement meets AIMR and SEC standards.

Captools Co.425/391-4140, 800/826-8082www.captools.comCaptool Professional Investor$999 for Level 1, plus $400/year$1,999 for Level 2 with up to three users, plus $800/year

Captool Professional Investor is a Windows-based portfolio management system designed for brokers and money managers. It offers AIMR-compliant ROI performance reporting and automated tax lot accounting with estimated tax computations. The program includes more than 100 templates for customizable reports with 35 charts that can be integrated. Data from multiple, related accounts can be merged into one report.

Coros Technologies310/455-4216ADAMSystems start at $495

ADAM (Automated Diversified Asset Manager) is a Windows-based portfolio management program that is Y2K-compliant. The modular system provides automatic global accounting and posting of security distribution, reinvestment and accruals. It computes AIMR-compliant, time-weighted total rate-of-return performance. The system also features fixed-income management and reporting. A variety of report configurations offer choices in formats, data-entry methods and accounting procedures. It interfaces with brokerage firms and clearing firms.

DLH Software801/596-7700, 800/769-5877Portfolio Management Made Easier $119

This portfolio management program is for use with the spreadsheet programs Microsoft Excel or Lotus 1-2-3. It produces unrealized gain/loss reports that calculate simple and annualized returns; dollar-weighted average returns for each sector; dollar- and time-weighted average returns by equity type; and overall total. The software also creates realized gain/loss reports that calculate simple and annualized returns as well as time-weighted and dollar-weighted overall returns.

Financial Computer Support Inc.301/334-1800www.dbcams.comdbCAMS+ for Windows$1,995, plus $85/month

dbCAMS+ for Windows is a portfolio- and contact-management system. Asset allocation and portfolio rebalancing features include data for IRS Schedules B and D, definable asset categories, and time-weighted and internal rates of return. Customizable reports meet AIMR, SEC and NASD guidelines. The program provides electronic downloading of client data, product information and pricing, and tracking across client base. It interfaces with Charles Schwab, DST FAN Mail, First Trust, Generic, Pershing and First Data. It also interfaces with pricing services.

Hamilton Software303/221-3820, 800/ The Investor's Accountant $395

The Investor's Accountant is a DOS-based integrated portfolio management and analysis system geared for financial professionals and active traders. It accommodates an unlimited number of portfolios, securities and transactions, including options and futures contracts. The software provides automatic foreign currency translations as well as alerts on prices, dividends, expirations, gain/loss and short/long-term status.

Mobius Group919/549-0444, 800/662-4874www.mobiusg.comM-Watch$2,000/year license fee, plus $12.50 monthly fee per portfolio($25,000 maximum annual portfolio fee)

M-Watch for Windows is a performance reporting and evaluation system that produces reports for portfolios, asset-class segments and blends. It calculates time-weighted and dollar-weighted rates of return for different time periods, analyzes risk on an absolute as well as market-relative basis, and examines asset allocation for both current and historical asset class as well as subasset classes. The program offers easy-to-use report setup wizards that allow for assigning benchmarks to reports.

National Datamax619/673-3300, 888/673-4180www.nationaldatamax.comProSource$99, plus $79/month

ProSource is a Windows-based contact- and portfolio-management system that includes an integrated word processor, callback scheduler, auto dialer and mail merger. It enables reps to download client transactions, positions and pricing data from clearing firms and more than 90 mutual fund and variable annuity families. The program creates position and activity reports from client portfolios.

North American Software Inc.513/793-2240www.nasoftware.comBroker's Helper$995

Broker's Helper is a multi-level broker support system that assists in marketing and portfolio management. The basic system includes tools for portfolio presentations on asset distribution versus objectives; appraisal, yield and risk distribution versus objectives; projected and actual income; realized gains/losses; capital and capital gains returns; and a holdings page. Broker's Helper Advanced ($1,295) adds time-weighted performance and allows for custom report design, "what if" projections and industry sector presentations.

Performance Technologies Inc.919/876-3555, 800/528-9595www.centerpiece.comCenterpiece$3,495, maintenance fee varies

Centerpiece is a Windows-based portfolio management program with accounting, client reporting and performance tracking. It creates more than 70 customizable reports. The latest version adds eReports, allowing clients to access performance reports via a Web site. Other new features include The Asset Allocation Report, graphically displaying portfolio allocations; The Comparative Performance Report, measuring performance against five indexes; and Batch Operation, allowing batch printing jobs to be saved for reuse.

PowerAssist Technologies 604/669-0169www.power-assist.comAccessor Portfolio Manager$6,495, plus $500/year licensing fees (Canadian dollars)

Designed for financial professionals, this automated portfolio management software features a three-way relationship between back office transaction databases, mutual fund databases and contact manager databases. It enables the user to analyze business performance, breaking down information by fund types, demographics and percentages. The program creates presentation-ready, client-specific reports, such as holdings, fund performance and asset allocation.

RAM Technologies Inc.905/795-9222www.ramsoft.comPortfolio Tracker$599, plus $199/year

Portfolio Tracker for Windows is a contact management and portfolio tracking database that produces various value and performance reports. It includes an organizer, appointment book, to-do list and calendar. It records commissions and service fees, produces asset allocation graphs, handles multicurrency accounts and allows creation of model accounts to track hypothetical portfolios. The program maintains a transaction history for all accounts and calculates annualized, time-weighted returns on investments.

Reuters800/521-2475, ext. 8515www.brokersnotebook.comBroker's Notebook$995, plus $250/year

Broker's Notebook is an integrated prospecting, portfolio and time-management system that can be used alone or with Reuters' Quotron financial information system. The Windows-based program includes user-friendly pop-up menus and pictorial icons that enable brokers to access data-entry and reporting screens quickly. The input windows can run on the same screen as Quotron market data services so reps can maintain sight of the market and news stories. The system includes to-do lists, client notes and tickler files. It allows the creation of hundreds of customized reports.

Wilson Associates International818/999-0015, 800/480-3888www.wilsonintl.comFoundation$1,650, plus $700/year or $194/quarterDiscount for network version

Foundation is a Windows-based portfolio management and performance reporting program that automatically downloads pricing and position data from most major clearing firms. Integrated with other Wilson financial and investment software, Foundation enables asset allocation and portfolio rebalancing as well as allows for comparison between current and model portfolios, while displaying orders needed to match model specification. The system provides consolidated reporting for multiple accounts.

Investment analysis PROGRAMS

Burlington Hall Asset Management 609/585-5856www.laportesoft.comLaPorte Software for Windows$4,600/year

LaPorte Software for Windows helps brokers find the best fund managers and funds, build optimized portfolios using Modern Portfolio Theory, calculate risk potential, track a portfolio's performance and prepare marketing materials. LaPorte allows brokers to search 105 statistical measures, sort reports by any factor, import data from other programs and export information into other software packages. Databases include hedge funds, managed futures funds, mutual funds, U.S. money managers and investment indexes.

Mobius Group919/549-0444, 800/662-4874www.mobiusg.comM-Search Investment Manager DatabaseSingle site use--$3,500 with annual update, $5,000 with quarterly update or $5,600 with two updates/quarterOptions--$600/year for print output, $4,000 for Style Analysis, $500 for Style Analysis print output and $3,000 for Narratives

M-Search offers qualitative and quantitative data on more than 1,300 investment management firms and 5,000 composites. Subscribers can access information on a specific firm and its products, as well as search for and rank managers using various criteria. In addition to basic performance data, it offers Modern Portfolio Theory statistics. The Style Analysis option lets subscribers assess style and performance of managers. With Narratives, users can access in-depth qualitative information on each investment management association and its products.

M-Vest Asset Allocation SystemSingle site use--$3,500Historical returns data sets--$750 for U.S. basic, $3,000 for U.S. standard, $3,000 for emerging markets, $5,000 for major markets, $9,000 for global markets and others available

M-Vest Asset Allocation System is a tool for developing asset allocation models using Vestek Systems expected return forecasts and a variety of historical return data sets.

Morningstar312/696-6000, 800/735-0700www.morningstar.comPrincipia Pro for Mutual FundsPrincipia Pro for Closed-End FundsPrincipia Pro for StocksPrincipia Pro for Variable Annuities/LifeOne module--$495/year with monthly updates or $295/year with quarterly updatesTwo modules--$990/year with monthly updates or $590/year with quarterly updatesThree modules--$1,485/year with monthly updates or $885/year with quarterly updatesFour modules--$1,980/year with monthly updates or $1,180/year with quarterly updates

With different modules representing key investment types, Principia Pro integrates stocks, mutual funds, closed-end funds and variable annuity/life subaccounts to permit analysis of a client's total investment portfolio. The program identifies weaknesses and overweighting in one or more sectors among other factors. The user can also compare different investments using seven types of graphs. In addition, the program permits blending of two or more standard indexes to create a custom benchmark for a client's portfolio. Principia Pro Plus for Mutual Funds$895/year with monthly updates or $595/year with quarterly updatesPrincipia Pro Plus for Mutual Funds has the same functions as Principia Pro plus advanced analytics, fund manager profiles, Morningstar analyst reviews and industry commentaries as well as printable pages from the Morningstar Electronic Binder.

National Datamax619/673-3300, 888/ Mutual Fund Manager$25/month, monthly updates$50/quarter, quarterly updates

Mutual Fund Manager provides individual monitor reports on 10,000 equity, bond and money market funds. With more than 70 data fields, it measures performance of multiple objective categories, compares funds side by side and provides hypotheticals. It generates printed reports and color graphics.Variable Annuity Manager$25/month, monthly updates$50/quarter, quarterly updatesSimilar to the fund program, Variable Annuity Manager screens more than 4,000 variable annuity and variable life subaccounts. It offers individual subaccount monitor reports, side-by-side comparisons, portfolio comparisons and index comparisons.

Overlap800/ Overlap Mutual Fund Portfolio Analysis$48 for single edition$150/year with quarterly updates

This program compares the similarities in the portfolios of most open-end equity funds. Users can compare funds according to stocks held in common and according to 10 economic sectors including utilities, energy, financial, durables, staples, services, technology, health and cyclicals.

Steele Systems Inc.310/478-4213,800/237-8400, ext. 729www.MutualFundExpert.comSteele Mutual Fund Expert, Pro Plus Systems$399/year with quarterly updates $599/year with monthly updates

The software provides S&P Micropal data on 11,300 funds, 90 market indexes and investment objective averages. With performance, risk and portfolio information, the user can identify funds to meet individual criteria. Funds can be compared with other funds, fund categories, and 90 indexes and investment objective category averages.

The Planner's Edge800/859-8039FundScope$550.80/year with monthly updates$323.60/year with quarterly updates

FundScope tracks more than 10,000 mutual funds and indexes. It monitors investment objectives, performance-to-risk measurements, total return, SEC yield, beta and other volatility measures. Users can adjust the time periods and create customized graphs.

Value Line800/535-8760Mutual Fund Survey for Windows$395/year with a weekly update$55 for a two-month trial

The program has capabilities for viewing, sorting and graphing data on more than 8,000 funds. Functions include advanced portfolio analytics and style attribution analysis. It generates more than two dozen different reports and graphs, including risk-reward, performance holdings and asset allocation. Manager bios and photos are available. The reports are NASD compliant. The program is available in CD-ROM or diskette. Users can access updates online.

Wiesenberger--A Thomson Financial Co.301/975-9600, 800/232-2285www.wiesenberger.comInvestment View$690/year for first database$300/year for second database$200/year for third database

Investment View analyzes funds according to nearly 200 criteria. The data show whether a fund strays from its stated objective. Performance histories date back more than 70 years and include more than 9,700 funds, 4,000 variable annuities and 500 closed-end funds.Blueprint$295 plus cost of Investment ViewThis asset allocation software includes a questionnaire to assess clients' risk tolerance. It shows which portfolios might be most appropriate for certain clients and compares them with clients' existing investments. IRA Analyst$99/year, including updatesThe program analyzes whether a traditional or Roth IRA is better for clients. It includes "what if" scenarios to show changes in tax rate, investment returns and retirement age.

Wilson Associates International818/999-0015, 800/ Analytics$375/year or $104/quarter

Analytics lets the user review and analyze security and/or portfolio rates of return over a set time period. It also performs factor and style analysis, risk-return, alpha, beta and other options. A limited asset classes database is included. Use it with databases of mutual funds, stocks, variable annuities and closed-end funds. The program identifies which investments best meet criteria established for a client. ScanData$50/year prepaid or $15/quarterScanData is a tool for sorting and reviewing more than 180 fields of data on asset classes, mutual funds, stocks, variable annuities and closed-end funds, enabling the user to identify funds or other investments that meet specific parameters. The program requires at least one database. Databases available for stocks, mutual funds, variable annuities and closed-end funds.

financial planning PROGRAMS

Advisor Software Inc.800/738-6369, 888/386-3629www.advisorsw.comMAX Plus 1.1$125 one time use or $250/quarter

The MAX Plus 1.1 determines asset allocation for each account, sets allocation targets, rebalances accounts, reviews asset mix of mutual funds, performs database searches, updates prices daily online via America Online or CompuServe and creates reports. The account summary screen shows for each portfolio the current balance, relative size and percent gain/loss, similar to a monthly statement.

Blaze SSI Corp.732/223-5575www.blazessi.comDistribution Planner$500/workstation, plus $250/year maintenance

Distribution Planner illustrates "what if" scenarios for clients when planning for retirement. Its features include the IRS minimum distributions report, federal tax implications report, the alternative retirement benefit forms report and the value payout report, which shows benefit liability from plans in case of early retirement. The program covers payouts from employee benefit plans, self-employed plans, IRAs and IRA rollovers.

Brentmark Software407/679-6555, 800/ Charitable Financial Planner$349, plus $99/year

This program handles split-interest charitable transfers, including charitable remainder and lead unitrusts and annuity trusts, farm/residence remainders, pooled income funds and gift annuities (immediate and deferred).

Estate Planning Tools$349, plus $99/year This program has more than 50 calculation models in eight areas of estate planning. Areas covered include GRATs, GRITs/QPRTS, GRUTs and private annuities. Financial Planning Tools$249, plus $49/yearThe program includes 49 models in the areas of investment, inflation, real estate, insurance, net worth, financial goals and budgeting. PFP Notebook$695, plus $199/yearThe PFP Notebook software program uses a step-by-step modular notebook approach based on the philosophy of Jim Wilson, a personal financial planning pioneer. The modular areas include client section, financial data, risk management, investments, retirement planning, estate planning, education funding and income tax.Pension and Roth IRA Analyzer$449, plus $129/yearThe Pension and Roth IRA Analyzer software program evaluates strategies for taking distributions from traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs and qualified pension plans. Roth IRA Conversion Analyzer$249The Roth IRA Conversion Analyzer program handles any type of required minimum distributions for IRAs. Roth Optimizer$159The Roth Optimizer program focuses on maximizing retirement income for clients.The Investment Scenario Generator$299, plus $99/yearThe Investment Scenario Generator program calculates the optimum balance between fixed-rate investments for income and stock investments for growth.

Cheshire Software617/527-4000, 800/734-6734www.cheshire.comFinancial Planning Suite$1,799 (comprises eight programs)The Asset Allocation Planner$399, plus $120/year

This program determines the optimal asset mix for clients' portfolios. It analyzes current and projected portfolios based on risk and return rates. Historical data is included for seven asset categories. The software reviews efficient frontier curves for several time periods. The program can perform summary analyses or specific analyses of clients' holdings. The Education Planner$199, plus $60/yearThis program determines how much money is needed for sending clients' children to college. The program accesses a database of tuition costs for more than 300 schools. The Estate & Trust Planner$499, plus $150/yearThe Estate & Trust Planner develops tax reduction strategies through gifting, trusts and life insurance. The program lets reps show clients common estate planning trusts, such as marital, credit shelter, QTIP and ILIT. The Life & Disability Planner$499, plus $150/year This program determines the amount of insurance needed in case of an untimely death or disability. The life insurance component considers bills to be paid off and income for a surviving spouse. The Life Insurance Planner$499, plus $150/yearThis program assesses clients' life insurance needs. It analyzes survivor income needs, such as mortgage, education and related expenses. It also incorporates into the plan any income clients will receive from Social Security, pensions and retirement accounts.The Lump-Sum Distribution Planner$299, plus $90/yearThis program compares distribution options from qualified accounts. The program projects after-tax payouts based on current and retirement age and life expectancy of the client.The Net Worth & Cash Flow Planner$199, plus $60/yearThe Net Worth & Cash Flow Planner program is a first step for determining a client's financial situation. The Retirement Planner$499, plus $150/yearThe Retirement Planner software provides analysis for various stages of planning. It determines annual tax liability and customizes the liquidation order of retirement investments and calculates the required minimum distributions.

FDP Corp.305/858-8200, 800/337-2677www.fdpcorp.comFINPACK for Windows$595, plus $150/year for single version$1,495, plus $325/year for network version

FINPACK is an insurance-needs analysis package offering client presentation reports. Modules cover estate tax planning and family needs analysis, including retirement planning, education funding and disability. A financial statement module provides net-worth statements and cash-flow analysis. The program stores multiple scenarios for each client.

Financial Planning Consultants Inc.513/424-1656, 800/666-1656www.financialsoftware.comProPlan$795, plus $95/month$1,295 for a network version

ProPlan is a comprehensive financial planning package that can accommodate clients with basic or complex financial situations. Extensive "help" messages guide advisers through the system. Several planning areas are covered, including income tax, cash flow, investments, education, retirement and estate planning. Printouts project four to 10 years. Other support products are available.

Financial Profiles 760/431-9400, 800/237-6335www.profiles.comProfiles+$1,195, plus $700/year

A new version of Profiles+ features improved graphics displays and quicker calculation capabilities. The program continues to feature 10 modules for core planning needs, including asset allocation, disability, estate planning, education and income tax. And four modules related to business ownership are included as well.

First Financial Software Inc.407/857-8580, 800/719-8761www.fplan.comFPLAN Professional Advisor+$395, plus $10/month

FPLAN Professional Advisor+ customizes data gathering and client presentations with 17 modules that can be integrated or used alone. Core modules create budgets and net-worth statements, do pre-retirement and estate liquidity analyses, and calculate life and disability insurance needs. Special subject modules are available.

Frontier Analytics619/552-1268www.frontieranalytics.comAllocationMaster$495, plus $99/quarter

AllocationMaster is an asset allocation program that creates a plan tailored to individual client objectives and risk tolerances. It performs financial forecasting and develops recommendations of specific products. FactMaster$395, plus $99/quarterFactMaster offers investment style analysis and suitability analysis integrated with AllocationMaster or as a stand-alone program. Model portfolio analysis blends up to 10 market indexes, more than 8,000 mutual funds and money managers into a portfolio to analyze risk and return, target returns and asset value projections.

Harvest-Time Inc.702/433-2695, 800/397-1456www.retirementplanning.comHarvest-Time$695, plus $250/year

Harvest-Time is a tax-efficient retirement planning tool. It calculates cash flow in retirement, automatically factoring in tax bracket changes. The program includes Roth IRA alternatives testing, performing tax adjustments for Roth IRA conversions. Client data can be changed to test the effects on retirement goals.

Ibbotson Associates312/616-1620, 800/758-3557www.ibbotson.comEnCorr Analyzer$2,000 first year, plus $1,250/year

EnCorr is a modular package that integrates strategic asset allocation, style analysis, statistical and graphical analyses. It offers more than 25 data modules covering domestic and international indexes, macroeconomic data and performance data. Third-party database connections and Ibbotson base inputs for optimization also are available. EnCorr Attribution$7,000 first year, plus $4,500/yearEnCorr Attribution analyzes multiple managers' style and deviations.EnCorr Inputs Generator$1,500 first year, plus $1,000/yearEnCorr Inputs Generator refines and generates forecast statistics for portfolio optimization, including return and standard deviation.EnCorr Optimizer$3,500 first year, plus $1,750/yearEnCorr Optimizer develops an asset allocation policy and forecasts levels of return and wealth.Ibbotson Analyst$1,050 first yearThe Analyst is a historical data analysis program. It creates graphical and statistical reports of risk/return tradeoffs with 29 historical data series on U.S. asset classes back to 1926. Ibbotson Fund Strategist$600 first year ($1,450 first year with Portfolio Strategist)The Fund Strategist provides returns-based style analysis and evaluates fund manager contribution compared with a customized benchmark. Users can assess how consistently a fund has maintained its style over time.Ibbotson Portfolio Strategist$1,050 first year ($1,450 first year with Fund Strategist)The Portfolio Strategist is an integrated financial needs analysis and asset allocation program. It features a risk profile assessment and creates optimal portfolios with tax adjustment, sensitivity analysis and portfolio planning. Ibbotson Scenario Builder$3,500 first yearIbbotson Scenario Builder offers a framework for analyzing hypothetical investment scenarios, including simple backtesting. The user can create custom reports.

Investment Technologies Inc.212/724-7535www. invest-tech.comThe Expert Allocator for Windows$8,000/year

The Expert Allocator is an asset allocation program that measures portfolio risk for both normal and skewed returns. The historical returns tool generates risk, return and correlations from past performance. The Expert Performance Analyst$6,000/yearThe Expert Performance Analyst graphically analyzes the historical behavior of market indexes, investment managers and mutual funds. The Expert Portfolio AdvisorInquire with company for price The Expert Portfolio Advisor is a new Internet-delivered asset allocation program for 401(k) plan participants. Users guide clients through an institutional-quality risk/reward analysis of their plan investment choices as well as nonplan assets.

Kettley Publishing 949/752-4927, 800/777-3162www.kettley.comBack Room Technician $239, plus $95/year

Back Room Technician allows brokers to quickly produce one- or two-page reports covering 300 different financial topics, from asset allocation to family limited partnerships. Business Quick-Plan$229Business Quick-Plan generates business insurance sales proposals, offering more than 70 different presentation pages. The program illustrates the advantages of the most common forms of business continuation--cross purchase and stock redemption.Charitable Quick-Plan$199With Charitable Quick-Plan, brokers can show high-net-worth individuals how charitable plans compare.Estate Cost Estimator$229Estate Cost Estimator is an estate-planning tool that produces more than 50 ready-made reports for estate planning presentations. Features include an analysis of the client's current plan alongside the broker's new proposal.Estate Quick-Plan$179Estate Quick-Plan allows brokers to publish estate planning proposals in 10 minutes or less, offering a simple way to qualify estate-planning prospects without wasting time.

Leimberg & LeClair Inc.610/527-5216www.leimberg.comFinancial Analyzer II$99

Financial Analyzer II CD-ROM software for Windows is a financial planning calculator that produces more than 50 different computations to solve a client's mortgage, investment, finance, loan and depreciation problems.NumberCruncher '98$349, plus $99/yearNumberCruncher for Windows 3.1 or 95 is an estate-planning tool that provides brokers with more than 50 instant illustrations of GRATs, private annuities and charitable lead and remainder trusts. QuickView '99$249, plus $49/year QuickView '99 is an estate planning program that incorporates 1997 and 1998 tax law changes to answer two important questions for estate and financial planners and their clients: What strategy will reduce taxes to the lowest possible amount, and what strategy will provide the largest amount for heirs? Corp.503/885-0220, 888/326-0006www.lifegoals.comLGX Financial Planning Software$595, plus $39/month

LGX Financial Planning Software, previously called LifeGoals Financial Planning Software, allows brokers to "dial up" or "dial down" the complexity of financial plans based on the client's age, income, assets and needs. LGX covers retirement planning, IRA/ qualified plan analysis and investment performance.

MasterPlan Financial Software707/451-8985, 800/229-5080www.masterplanner.comMasterPlan$1,495 for basic system, plus $395/year

MasterPlan financial planning software analyzes all aspects of a client's current and future financial situation, including retirement needs analysis, education funding analysis, real estate and refinancing, capital needs, disability needs, estate and trust planning, federal and state taxes, cash flow and asset allocation.

Mobius Group919/549-0444, 800/662-4874www.mobiusg.comLeonard 2000$1,000, plus $1,000/year maintenance or $1,000, plus $100/month for single site$350, plus $350/year maintenance or $350, plus $35/month for additional sites

Leonard 2000 is a comprehensive financial planning system that offers modules for specific client needs. More than 40 custom presentation reports show a client's financial position. M-PREPS$700/year or $200, plus $50/month for individual license$900/year or $300, plus $60/month for network licenseM-PREPS creates about 50 reports regarding the capital accumulation and depletion for retirement. Asset allocations integrate with on-screen modeling to analyze alternatives. The program features five levels of complexity so users can provide quick analysis or a detailed plan.

MoneyStar512/328-2595, 888/611-3093www.moneystar.comLifeScript$775 and up

LifeScript is an interactive financial planning and modeling tool. It presents charts of clients' investment goals and resources on a graphic timeline. It prepares the information according to life events, such as buying a home, having a baby, attending college, retiring and saving money. Product search capabilities allow reps to search lists of more than 10,000 mutual funds.

Money Tree Software541/929-2140www.moneytree.comEasy Money$750, plus $250/year

This Windows-based program produces up to 70 report pages for clients on net worth, retirement planning, education funding, asset allocation and taxes among other topics. Golden Years$750, plus $250/yearNow available in a Windows version, the program addresses retirement issues, producing reports on cash flow, sources of funds and retirement projections. It includes income tax calculations, 3-D graphs and an audit trail feature that traces calculations through the reports.Retirement Solutions$325, plus $75/yearNow available in Windows format, this collection of nine retirement planning modules analyzes lump-sum distributions, pensions, qualified plans and 72t income. Roth IRA Illustrator$75, plus $25/yearThis calculator compares regular IRAs and Roth IRAs as well as computes various tax considerations. Professionals can also use the program as a marketing tool with clients. Silver Retirement Planner$100, plus $25/yearAmong other functions, this planner projects annual living expenses adjusted for inflation, automatically calculates Social Security benefits and determines whether there will be a surplus or shortage of money for each year of retirement.

PhilanthroTec704/845-5527, 800/332-7832www.ptec.comThe Charitable Scenario$1,895, plus $595/year

The Charitable Scenario is advanced planned-giving software that calculates deductions and cash flow models for all income gifts. It also integrates the use of life insurance as a wealth replacement tool. Master templates create scenarios. The reports are capable of projecting total income, estate and charitable benefits for 60 years.The Deduction Calculator$145, plus $50/yearThis program is capable of calculating deductions for all major planned-giving techniques. A simple or detailed version of the report can be sent to the screen, a printer or file for word processing.The Remainder Trust Marketing System$695, plus $300/yearA more limited program compared with The Charitable Scenario, The Remainder Trust Marketing System focuses on charitable remainder trusts (unitrusts and annuity trusts) and demonstrates their advantage using the same reports and graphs as the more featured product.

Sawhney Systems Inc.609/987-5000, 800/850-8444www.sawhney.comExecPlan$1,995 for single system, plus $695/year$2,495 for network version, plus $695/year

With ExecPlan software, financial profiles can be projected up to 100 years. The program offers layered options for cash management simulation, before and after scenarios for investment planning, reports for retirement planning and capital needs analysis in case of death or disability. The program can produce more than 125 types of reports using statements, text and graphics.

Scherrer Resources 215/542-5710www.brokersally.comThe Broker's Ally Financial Planner$495

The Broker's Ally Financial Planner software program tracks the amount and location of clients' assets for reps with commission- or fee-based businesses. The program's modules cover various aspects of financial planning such as education funding and retirement analysis.

Sequoia Retirement Services310/859-1961Estate Registry$20

The Estate Registry relational database software provides balance sheets, income statements and retirement analysis based on an individual's assets and liabilities. The data plus additional estimates provide an annuitized financial projection for retirement.

Specialty Software541/ Financial Manager$85

The Financial Manager spreadsheet software helps financial planners illustrate clients' financial situation. For example, the retirement and estate planner provides a picture of clients' IRA investments, Social Security benefits and pension incomes. It will show how long their money will last.

Sterling Wentworth801/355-9777, 800/752-6637www.sterwent.comPath Presentation$129 to $199

Path Presentation modules produce graphic presentations that help clients visualize their priorities and goals. Modules address areas such as retirement, survivor needs, education, asset allocation, long-term care, paycheck analysis and estate planning.

Unger Software 212/888-7200, 888/864-3776www.methuselah.comMethuselah$39/month standard version$89/month advanced version

Methuselah is a planning package that is both a comprehensive worksheet for professionals and a presentational tool for clients. Among other topics, program segments cover retirement planning, Social Security planning, estate planning, education planning, capital needs analysis and insurance issues. Data entered is blended with current tax and regulatory information.

Wilson Associates International818/999-0015, 800/480-3888www.wilsonintl.comPower Optimizer$395, plus $192/quarter

The program provides interactive computer models to analyze risk and return, and style characteristics of existing and proposed portfolios. Users can run a variety of "what if" scenarios, analyze security information and review styles. It features access to databases of more than 280 asset classes and thousands of funds and annuities.Ramcap$395, plus $100/quarterA less sophisticated program than the Power Optimizer, Ramcap includes customized reports, policy statements, cash flow analysis, security information and style review without the "what if" capabilities. It provides a historical database of 127 asset classes.Ramcap Gold$395, plus $142/quarterThe program provides interactive computer models to analyze risk and return as well as style characteristics. It will modify rate of return assumptions in "what if" scenarios. The software includes limited contact management functions. Xpress$195, plus $83/quarterWilson International claims the program is fast and easy to use. It includes customized reports, policy statements, cash flow analysis, security information and style review as well as a historical database of more than 60 assets classes.Xpress Gold$195, plus $124/quarterXpress Gold builds on the features of Xpress. It adds advanced optimization and access to more databases.

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