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Programs Aplenty, Part II

Page 2 Financial Planning Programs Company Product Name/Cost Key Features Advisory World 800/480-3888 Power Optimizer $395/year, plus $86 for monthly updates or $201 for quarterly updates Features advanced computer models to analyze performance, risk/return and style characteristics of portfolios Capable of optimizing portfolio mixes, running what if scenarios Finds alternative

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Financial Planning Programs


Product Name/Cost

Key Features

Advisory World


Power Optimizer

$395/year, plus $86 for monthly updates or $201 for quarterly updates

Features advanced computer models to analyze performance, risk/return and style characteristics of portfolios • Capable of optimizing portfolio mixes, running “what if” scenarios • Finds alternative assets and securities


$395/year, plus $52 for monthly updates or $115 for quarterly updates

Offers analysis of existing or proposed portfolios • Reviews forecasted or historical performance • Includes planning for all major life events • Features NASD-compliant graphics, tables and reports

Blaze SSI


Distribution Planner

$500, plus $250/year

Educates clients about income and tax implications of retirement planning options • Includes reports on IRS minimum distributions, federal taxes, value payouts and alternative retirement benefit forms

Brentmark Software


Charitable Financial Planner

$349, plus $99/year

Handles split-interest charitable transfers • Addresses charitable remainder trusts, lead unitrusts, annuity trusts, farm/residence remainders, pooled income funds and gift annuities

Estate Planning QuickView

$249, plus $99/year

Presents up to eight disposition plans for each spouse to reveal which strategy provides the most for a family • Includes customizable flow charts and graphs

Estate Planning Tools

$395, plus $99/year

Features comprehensive estate planning tools and financial planning models, with 99 different calculations

Investment Scenario Generator


Calculates optimum balance between fixed-rate investments for income and investments in stocks for growth • Provides a personalized approach to retirement

IRS Factors Calculator


Figures the values of annuities, life estates and remainders • Can be used in most estate valuation issues

Minimum Distributions Calculator


Calculates retirement distributions • Handles both the old and new required minimum distribution rules

Pension & Roth IRA Analyzer

$449, plus $129/year

Evaluates various strategies of taking distributions from IRAs and qualified plans • Handles pre-59½ distributions, Roth IRA conversions, valuation of stretchout and more

Pension Distributions Calculator


Handles old and new required minimum distribution rules, as well as pre-59½ distributions

PFP Notebook

$695, plus $199/year

Completes a personal financial plan • Uses a modular approach to risk management, investments, retirement planning, estate planning, education funding and income tax

Roth IRA Conversion Analyzer


Focuses on Roth IRA conversions • Handles any type of required minimum distribution, including 1998 or later

Roth IRA Conversion Calculator


Functions simply and on one screen • Makes several reasonable assumptions, including automatic spousal rollovers and normal life expectancy

Savings Bond Toolkit


Helps manage savings bonds • Simplifies retitling of bond by automatically filing in and printing government forms

Cheshire Software

617/527-4000, 800/734-6734

Financial Planning Suite

$1,799 first year, $600 subsequent years

Provides comprehensive financial planning analysis • Includes all seven of the modules described below

Asset Allocation Planner

$339 first year, $120 subsequent years

Offers a risk tolerance questionnaire for clients • Calculates historical rates of return for current and proposed portfolios • Sorts assets by class, taxation or specific holdings

Distribution Planner

$299 first year, $90 subsequent years

Compares taxation options for lump-sum distributions, including rollovers, ordinary income and others • Illustrates account balances and payout year by year

Education Planner

$199 first year, $60 subsequent years

Includes a database of tuition costs for more than 300 colleges and universities • Allows up to six children per plan • Adjusts for inflation rates

Estate & Trust Planner

$499 first year, $150 subsequent years

Illustrates common estate planning trusts • Calculates estate and income tax on IRAs • Breaks assets into 13 categories • Allows annual gifting from any asset class

Life & Disability Insurance Planner

$499 first year,
$150 subsequent years

Analyzes survivor income needs • Incorporates Social Security, pension and retirement accounts • Illustrates the term life insurance needed year by year

Net Worth & Cash Flow Planner

$199 first year,
$60 subsequent years

Acts as first step in determining client's financial condition • Recalculates net worth based on securities prices • Determines if client has positive or negative cash flow

Retirement Planner

$499 first year, $150 subsequent years, plus $150/year for Monte Carlo

Introduces new Monte Carlo probability analysis • Takes into account current/projected investments, pensions, Social Security, other inflows and expenses • Separates rates of return by asset class • Sets liquidation order for assets

Concise Financial Planning Software


Financial Playbook 1.21


Functions as basic financial planning software • Incorporates modules addressing assets, income, college expenses, cost of delay and account analyzer • Produces color graphs and tables • Saves favorite scenarios and allows customization for each client




$495 first year, $250/year for updates

Designed to provide a more realistic picture of the future • Models mortality and investment risk simultaneously using Monte Carlo probability tests • Simulates a rate of return based on average and standard deviation

Financial Planning Consultants

513/424-1656, 800/666-1656


$795, plus $95/month;
$1,295 network version

Offers simplified input and comprehensive input options depending on client's need • Produces detailed output, printing four- to 10-year projections • Includes income tax planning, cash flow planning, estate distribution and other features • Guides user with help messages

Financial Profiles

760/431-9400, 800/237-6335

Profiles +

$1,295, plus $700/year

Offers complete client needs analysis system in 14 modules for key planning areas • Features fully integrated asset allocation module that models portfolios to match risk parameters and time horizon • Brings together 150 concepts in key presentation pages

First Financial Software

407/857-8580, 800/719-8761

FPlan Professional Advisor +

$395, plus $10/month

Features preretirement and postretirement modules • Addresses budgets, net worth, asset allocation, life insurance, disability insurance, estate liquidity, long-term care needs, required distributions and other topics • Limits data entry by integrating answers from one seven-page questionnaire

FPlan Quick-Pro

$95, plus $20/year

Performs basic, quick analysis • Includes eight integrated modules on budgets, net worth, life insurance, education funding and others • Features client-oriented reports

Frontier Analytics


Allocation Master

$495, plus $99/quarter

Optimizes and forecasts portfolio performance • Profiles risk/return estimates, cash flows and risk tolerance • Uses modern portfolio theory to address holding limits, characteristics and calculations • Features an implementation module to manage the practical aspects of asset allocation

Fact Master

$395, plus $99/quarter

Analyzes historical performance, investment styles and investment suitability • Offers hypothetical model portfolios with a 20-year database that includes indexes and mutual funds • Projects asset values and portfolio return ranges



EnCorr Allocator

$1,500, plus $1,050/year

Develops a targeted asset allocation by using individual managers and benchmarks • Determines the mix of mutual funds or managers that closely replicates a given benchmark

EnCorr Analyzer

$2,000, plus $1,400/year

Analyzes historical data for capital markets • Uses a central database that can be updated on demand via the Web • Designed for use with EnCorr Allocator and Attribution

EnCorr Attribution

$7,000, plus $4,900/year

Reviews and analyzes various manager styles • Determines which managers have the best performance relative to a given benchmark

Ibbotson Fund Strategist

$600, plus $420/year

Simplifies fund selection for asset allocation by using returns-based analysis • Covers more than 5,000 U.S. mutual funds • Determines investment style and consistency over time • Reviews managers' value through stock selection or market timing • Provides one-page profiles for each fund

Ibbotson Portfolio Strategist

$1,100, plus $700/year

Evaluates clients' goals, risk tolerance, current assets, and spending and saving habits • Imports client information from a variety of contact management programs • Capable of both taxable and tax-deferred portfolios • Can customize client reports with Microsoft Word or PowerPoint

Investment Technologies


The Expert Allocator


Measures risk in both normal and skewed return distributions • Opts between standard deviation or downside risk for a particular investment goal • Analyzes two frontiers simultaneously, such as risk measures, goals, tax status, asset mix constraints and diversification

The Expert Performance Analyst


Analyzes history of indexes, managers and mutual funds • Measures risk in both normal and skewed return distributions • Screens and ranks portfolios and indexes by a variety of measures • Offers a selection of 30 statistics

Kettley Publishing


Back Room Technician

$299, plus $110/year

Provides planning concepts for estate, retirement and business portfolios • Pick and choose from the database to create client proposals • Can be personalized to provide 28 financial calculators and custom presentations

Business Quick-Plan


Analyzes business needs by performing business and employee evaluations • Can provide growth projections and compare alternatives to funding a buyout • Models buy-sell or key employee protection plans

Charitable Quick-Plan


Provides side-by-side comparison of keeping, selling or gifting an asset • Shows income tax deductions and cash flow for each approach • Compares various trusts and annuities • Shows how to reduce estate costs

Estate Cost Estimator


Analyzes estates by comparing trusts and gifting strategies side by side • Compares the impact of the order of spouse deaths • Prepares a detailed balance sheet listing assets and projected growth • Calculates settlement costs

Estate Quick-Plan


Analyzes estate expenses to forecast settlement costs • Includes specialized reports for business owners and alternatives for family-owned businesses • Assists with probate avoidance and credit shelter trusts

Leimberg & LeClair



$395, plus $99/year

Assists in estate planning analysis by providing more than 100 calculations • Covers valuation, planning techniques, taxes, trusts and future value • Can insert calculations and explanatory text into Microsoft Word or WordPerfect documents for presentations

Quick View

$249, plus $49/year

Assists in estate planning by offering flowcharts and graphs • Determines maximum reduction of taxes and highest amount of capital for death • Enables comparisons of multiple scenarios and situations on one screen

LifeGoals Corp.

503/885-0220, 888/326-0006

LGX Financial Planning Software

$1,195, plus $529/year

Simulates various scenarios and portfolios • Produces reports and comprehensive plans • Offers client fact-finding forms • Includes database of stocks, mutual funds and subaccounts, as well as Peterson's database of college costs • Features a self-check feature to avoid errors

Lumen Systems


Financial Planning Professional for Windows

$1,995 single user, plus $650/year;
$2,850 network version, plus $950/year

Covers net worth, income and expenditures, business valuation, insurance, retirement, lump-sum distribution, estate and tax planning • Automatically transfers data from client questionnaire to appropriate areas • Offers custom reports that account for client goals and concerns • Highlights funding needs for optimal returns on investments

MasterPlan Financial Software

707/451-8985, 800/229-5080


$1,495 single user, plus $500/year;
$1,995 network version, plus $600/year

Provides financial analysis of taxes, cash flow, business valuations, real estate and refinancing, budgeting, education, insurance and retirement • Includes asset allocation and tracking, as well as database management and mailing features • Capable of modular reports or complete plans • Compares hypothetical and current situations

Mobius Group



$1,195 single user, plus $500/year;
$896 and up for multiple users, plus $500/year

Functions as an integrated financial planning system for retirement, estate planning and capital needs analysis • Produces more than 100 reports • Combines historical returns and standard deviations with in-depth modeling • Features four levels of detail for simple to complex plans

Money Tree Software


Easy Money for Windows

$750, plus $250/year

Performs a range of analyzes, including net worth, estate taxes and education funding • Transfers information from a client questionnaire to reports automatically • Features improved data entry • Offers a new unified database enabling global updating, sorting and searching

Golden Years

$750, plus $250/year

Performs “what if” scenarios • Makes up to five changes for one comparison • Can be applied to inflation, earned income and pension plan amounts • Can be used with or without IRS tax brackets • Offers “audit trail” feature to trace calculations and sources through detailed reports

Retirement Solutions

$400, plus $100/year

Calculates and displays effects of time and taxes on retirement accounts • Addresses lump-sum distributions, RMD/72(t) income options, retirement capital projections, qualified plans, cost of waiting, retirement plan exchange, tax planning, break-even comparisons and more

Silver Financial Planner

$350, plus $75/year

Projects annual living expenses adjusted for inflation • Estimates Social Security and pension benefits • Determines surplus or shortage of income during retirement

Net Worth Strategies




Designed to evaluate employee stock option exercise and sell strategies via Excel-based program • Models ISOs, NQSOs and RSPs • Automatically integrates current tax code • Calculates maximum return without triggering AMT • Can audit results with intermediate calculations



Calculates minimum required distributions for IRAs or qualified retirement programs via Excel-based program • Supports results with relevant tax regulations • Reports exact date and amount for first distribution, as well as distribution schedule for future years

OSI Software


TrustWise 4.0


Capable of multiple scenarios for estate planning • Toggle between specifics of scenarios for comparison • Creates personalized flowcharts and graphs • Includes additional liquidation, irrevocable life insurance trust, charitable remainder trust and gifting modules

Sawhney Systems

609/987-5000, 888/729-4639


$1,995 single user, plus $695/year;
$2,490 multiple users, plus $695/year

Builds comprehensive plans with an emphasis on flexibility • Produces more than 125 types of reports • Capable of unlimited hypothetical scenarios • Includes automatic cash management, as well as analysis of capital needs, education funding, retirement planning and estate planning

Scherrer Resources


Broker's Ally Financial Planner


Designed for commission- or fee-based practices • Includes core modules for education funding, estate liquidity, disability and life insurance, retirement analysis, economic assumptions, net worth and budgeting • Addresses long-term care, goal funding and more in special modules

Sequoia Retirement Services


Estate Registry


Produces balance sheets, income statements and retirement analysis for estates • Bases yearly savings on current income and expense data • Capable of developing budgets and projecting yearly income for retirement

Sungard Insurance Systems



$595 one user, plus $195/year;
$300 each additional user, plus $65/year

Offers comprehensive needs analysis through retirement planning, survivor needs, education funding, disability analysis and Social Security projection • Analyzes cash flow, net worth and asset allocation • Develops estate planning with tax calculations, gifting and trusts • Integrates with Microsoft applications for reports

The Advisor's Edge



$795, plus $300/year

Calculates projected retirement savings and needs • Displays results in spreadsheets and graphs • Allows user-defined asset classes to show allocations • Provides for early and minimum distribution • Allows for Roth conversions and planned expenditures

Unger Software Corp.


Methuselah Bronze


Addresses life and disability insurance, education funding and retirement planning • Offers a “Quick-Plan” option not in Gold or Platinum product that creates reports in moments • Capable of three- to five-page reports per module • Incorporates new 2001 IRS minimum distribution regulations

Methuselah Gold


Offers comprehensive needs analysis through retirement planning, survivor needs, education funding, disability analysis and Social Security projection • Analyzes cash flow, net worth and asset allocation • Develops estate planning with tax calculations, gifting and trusts

Methuselah Platinum


Includes all features of Methuselah Gold • Features advanced trust planning • Can plan for specific events and manage multiple retirement goals • Includes database of expenses for the majority of universities in the United States

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