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Packing Heat—and an Artery

New stress reducing activity

“Today, you are a man,” the kicker reads in a Web advertisement for “Beef & Guns.” Sponsored by travel portal, the ad invites Wall Street types to squeeze off 150 rounds of ammo at New York's West Side Rifle & Pistol Range, then sink their teeth into a prime cut of meat at Frank's Restaurant, an old-school steakhouse just a few blocks away. “It's been a tough week. Nasdaq's down, systolic pressure's up…what you need is an hour and a half of semi-automatic, muscle-wrenching, ear-splitting, acetone-tasting gunfire…immediately followed by rare red meat,” the ad reads. Fear not ladies, there's a similar promotion for carnivorous women called “Angels Packing Heat.” Well, they say it's eat what you kill on Wall Street. Reservations can be made online at:

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