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John Churchill, senior editor at Registered Rep., and a first-time father in April, wrote our cover feature, The Great Reckoning, on page 30.

John Churchill, senior editor at Registered Rep., and a first-time father in April, wrote our cover feature, “The Great Reckoning,” on page 30. His fiancé Birgitte Jensen gave birth to a giant and very healthy boy — 8 pounds, 15 ounces and 22 and a half inches long — on Friday, April 13th. The not-so-little Andreas Klaus Jensen Churchill “was cooperative in the birthing process,” says John. “He's a good boy. He consumes and he sleeps.” Andreas' grandparents, Klaus and Sigrun Jensen, are visiting from Denmark, and enjoying the spectacle of first-time parenthood. John is back in the office after taking a week off of work to be a full-time daddy. Congrats, John, now back to work!

Philip Palaveev, who wrote “A Seat at the Table” on page 103, arguing that a revolution is nigh if firms continue to deny their junior partners equity, was born in 1973, in Varna, Bulgaria. Palaveev knows a lot about revolutionary foment from his days as a communist. His communist career commenced at age eight, when he began reciting poetry at communist party events. He then quickly progressed through the ranks of the party to achieve the highly insignificant role of group organizer. Palaveev's communist career went through a crisis at age 16, when he was arrested at the Berlin Wall for trying to write his name on it, and then the whole communist thing kind of collapsed anyway. This forced him to follow his wife into exile in the U.S., where he lives and pretends to work to this day. He is a Senior Manager for Moss Adams LLP.

Bryce Boyer, who photographed Mark J. Smith for our Outstanding Advisor Awards feature beginning on page 75, as well as Jeffrey Keil for 60 Seconds (page 24) and Mark Butler for Cold Call (page 26), is a photographer based in beautiful Denver. Boyer shoots images that, he says, “define people and places.” He got an early start in the dark room at age 13 and has never stopped exploring the world with his camera. A passion for travel photography has taken him to over 14 countries. After the birth of his daughter in 2003, Boyer started to focus on portrait assignments. He enjoys collaborating with a subject to create evocative portraits that stop readers from turning pages.

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