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Broker Report Card
2015 Broker Report Card: A Less-Than-Diverse Workforce

2015 Broker Report Card: A Less-Than-Diverse Workforce

Of the advisors who participated in the 2015 Broker Report Card, 21 percent were women. Eleven percent of advisors were under the age of 35. 

Battle of the Sexes

Female brokers make a third less than their male counterparts, according to the survey. Women have less experience on average, but only by 18 months.

The wage gap is higher than it was 25 years ago. In REP.’s 1990 survey, female advisors reported earning 25 percent less than men in annual gross production.

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Fees vs. Commission

Men have a higher percentage of fee-based business. More women are in salaried positions. 

Cutting the Checks

Fewer women have recruitment and rentention deals. 

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