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Broker Report Card
2015 Broker Report Card: Advisor Satisfaction

2015 Broker Report Card: Advisor Satisfaction

For those advisors employed at national broker firms, overall satisfaction took a hit as markets remain uncertain. But helping to boost firms’ approval ratings is the investments firms have made in areas like technology, leadership and some business flexibility, categories that saw an increase from previous years.

Each firm has its strengths and weakness according to advisors’ scores, but overall national brokerage averages rose in several categories. Advisor satisfaction in their firms’ overall technology rose from 7.8 to 7.9 (out of 10) this year. Meanwhile, advisors rated their firms’ reduction of compliance burdens a 7.9, compared to a 7.1 out of 10 in last year’s survey. And advisors continue to give high marks to firms’ senior management.

But there were areas where firms across the board could improve, such as transitional support. Firms scored an average of 7.1 (out of 10), down from the average score of 7.7 last year.

Here are the firm breakdowns in these categories. 

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