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The WealthStack Podcast: Bringing the Power of Planning to Philanthropy

PhilanthPro's Nicholas Palahnuk discusses how clients' growing interest in philanthropy demands a more integrated approach, where giving is strategically aligned with overall financial goals.

Philanthropy often remains an overlooked aspect in wealth planning, which traditionally focuses on wealth accumulation rather than distribution. But, high-net-worth individuals and families increasingly recognize that their financial legacy extends beyond the accumulation of assets. This growing interest in philanthropy demands a more integrated approach to planning, where giving is strategically aligned with overall financial goals. Platforms like PhilanthPro are bridging the gap by offering professional planning tools specifically designed for philanthropic giving. 

In this episode, Shannon Rosic, director of WealthStack content and solutions, speaks with Nicholas Palahnuk, founder and CEO of PhilanthPro, about the importance of philanthropy in wealth planning.

Shannon and Nicholas also discuss:

  • The key drivers behind philanthropic contributions and why tax benefits are not the primary motivator
  • How PhilanthPro aids in managing the complexities of tax, legal, and regulatory obligations in charitable giving
  • How the Great Wealth Transfer and shifting demographics are transforming philanthropy 
  • How this tech is different from grant management software that’s currently available

Connect with Shannon Rosic:

Connect with Nicholas Palahnuk:

About Our Guest:

Nicholas Palahnuk is the Founder and CEO of PhilanthPro. Recognizing a gap in the financial industry, he brought to life a suite of tools to foster philanthropy for a brighter future.

Palahnuk also leads a wealth management group that empowers people to live and give comfortably through sound financial planning. The Globe & Mail Report on Business named him one of Canada’s top wealth advisors. In 2020, he was nominated top under 40 by the Investment Industry Association of Canada.

Palahnuk is a member of the Forward Global philanthropy community and studies global development at Harvard University. He also founded a private foundation in 2021 to fund innovative programs that build greater mental health resilience among young people. 

Passionate about financial planning from an early age, Palahnuk became the youngest Certified Financial Planner in Canada at the age of 21. He lives in Toronto and splits his time between Canada and the U.S.


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